Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is Coming, my Belly's getting Fat....

Well not fat. But rounder. LOL.

Tonight I am doing just a FEW More things before I hit the hay. I just put Ardyn to bed, finished getting the groceries put away (thank GOD for toilet paper) and unloading and loading the dishwasher and running it. We have Christmas at Evan's grandma's tomorrow and I have not washed my good clothes, and my jeans are still wet, and I haven't made up my Howlin' Hot Crab Dip yet either. I don't WANT to get up early, but in order to get all that done, and the dip made and baked, and the diaper bag packed and all of us cleaned up and looking pretty, I don't think I can sleep in per usual. Drat.

Today the "weather was bad" although technically the weather was wonderful. It was about 28-32 degrees all day, and it never snowed or sleeted.... but last night an ice storm came through that put a thick layer of ice on everything. We couldn't get the back door open because the ice was so thick that it was higher than the door. Evan had to chip us out this evening. The garage doors were both frozen solid and he had to break those loose. By this afternoon, the main highways were clear, and the interstate was as well, but back roads are still really bad.

Ardyn and I went to the mall to see Santa tonight. I woke her up from her nap this evening and got her all dressed pretty. I dressed presentable also, in case she wouldn't stay near Santa and I had to be in the picture with her. She just loves people, and she loved Santa last year, and the Easter Bunny this year, and so I was having a hard time believing when everyone said she was going to CRY and scream. But then a few weeks ago she developed an unexplained aversion to a stuffed Santa at my mom's house. I think it's his voice, because he is the "Polar Express" Santa, and has a very deep voice. She also wanted the jingle bell that was sewn to his hand, and when he wouldn't give it up, I think she started to resent him.

Ardyn and Santa 2008

Finally she was okay with him the last time we visited, when she saw ME kiss him. I told her "there's a song about that" and she went on to give him a kiss herself. I started talking to her about going to "See Santa" yesterday, and she would get excited each time. Today she was really excited when we talked about it. When I got her dressed she was thrilled with her "cothes" and kept saying "pretty" and "pretty shoos" and loved her sparkly hair clip. She realy did well, and in the van on the way there we talked about Santa, and how she was going to see him, and he would be sitting in a chair, and she could sit on his lap, and talk to him, and that he says "Ho Ho Ho!" All the way to the mall it was "Ho Ho Ho!" and as soon as we got there and I took her out of her stroller and took her coat off, she could barely stand it she was so excited. She saw him and there was only one girl ahead of her in line (13 months old said her grandpa) and She could barely wait her turn. I let her stand up by Santa and held her hand, because she wanted to run to him. The girl in front of us was crying and wouldn't sit on his lap, and I worried that this would give her ideas, but as soon as I let her go, she walked right up to him, and stood in front of him smiling. She didn't hop right up on his lap, but It didn't seem odd. She doesn't just leap into the arms of strangers. I shook Santa's gloved hand and said "Hello Santa" and he said "Hello Mommy" and then Ardyn shook his hand and said Hello. I picked her up, and we chatted with Santa a bit, and I sat her on his lap. She was fine. Happy and picking at his beard and glasses. We took several pictures, and I wasn't able to really get her giggling, but they turned out great just the same. While I was paying for the pictures, and getting them printed, she was over there chatting up a storm with Santa. She was thrilled when he gave her the red and green Rice Krispy Treat. She never once even looked scared or like she might cry. I was so proud of her. I guess I DO know her better than anyone!

We did a tiny bit of window shopping, and I tried on a few clearance maternity shirts at Penney's. I have so many places to go, and only one Christmas-y shirt.... so I found two more for less than $30 (total for both!) and was so happy. I was also happy because I bought a size smaller than all my current maternity clothes, because everything is still so BIG on me. Talk about cool. I also grabbed a couple of Christmas Board books for Ardyn. I had wanted to get some last time I was at the book store, but it's hard to tell sometimes if a book will catch her eye or not. I was glad to have her with me, because the manger story that I *thought* she would read, she really did NOT care for. But we found another one that had more realistic pictures of the animals, and she was right on to that one. So she got three really cheap books, "the Story of the Nutcracker Ballet" by Deborah Hautzig, "The Night Before Christmas" By Clement C. Moore, and "Room for a Little One" by Martin Waddell and Jason Cockcroft. I can't wait to read them to her! The best is that they will last for years to come and can be shared with all my kids. I adore books. There isn't much better you can give your kids as a gift.

I think I broke my toe tonight. Seriously. As soon as i did it I was pretty sure, but basically I was trying my best to contain what came out of my mouth (lest it be repeated) but holy shiznit that was not easy. This time it didn't bring tears to my eyes quite like last time, but last time I broke THREE Toes at once, so that is as good a reason as any to cry. The reason I think it was so bad this time is because I stubbed the exact same toe about a month ago, and the bruises just started to finally fade last week, and then I went and did it again. My feet do NOT like being pregnant. they don't really swell, but holy cow do bones break in my feet. I am hobbling around tonight, but I think that even if it is broken it will be fine, and I will be able to put a shoe on and all that. I could be exxagerating, but it sure seems broken.

Well, off to do fabulous things like brush my teeth and blow my nose. Have a great weekend!

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Janice said...

She is adorable!! When my daughter, Jessica, was little, she wouldn't sit on Santa's lap, only the Easter Bunny. I love the way she is dressed too. I hate to see little girls dressed like hootchies, they are supposed to be dressed the way you dress Ardyn. I guess I'm getting old fashioned, but that's the way it should be. Jessica still laughs about the "great big bows" that I put in her hair. Cherish every moment, she will be grown in the blink of an eye. Jessica will be 19 next month and it just seems like yesterday that she was Ardyn's age.

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