Thursday, December 04, 2008


Not much happened today. We were pretty lazy. It was good.

Listening to Christmas Music, running myself bubble bath, brewing some Chamomile Lemon Tea, and hoping to get a post in here before the tub gets full.

We took a BIG long nap today. I actually slept on the couch, strangely enough. I never sleep on the couch. I can't stand sleeping anywhere but my bed. But I took a two hour nap (although I was awoken a couple of times) and that was awesome and apparently much needed.

Evan called the window people again today, because neither the salesman or the general manager/installer in charge of our job would call us back. He basically let them know how upset he was and that no one would return our calls and was told that yes our windows had been in for two days and a NEW installer would be calling us on Monday to schedule an install. Thank GOD. It's freaking cold in this house!

Tonight we made the chocolate cake mix (into cupcakes) by Cherrybrook Kitchen (dairy free) and I have not been really thrilled with the taste. Ardyn likes them, which is the point, so that's okay. The frosting that we got from Cherrybrook Kitchen is really hard to spread (they recommend room temperature) so I may need to warm it up a bit. It's not really creamy. I am not sure what it is about the taste that bugs me, but remember my pregnant taste buds can taste anything funny. I might try one tomorrow after I get them frosted, but right now it's midnight and I don't see them getting frosted today.

The Christmas Cards are done, and waiting to be mailed. Tomorrow.

Today I paid for a bunch of newborn diapers (mostly used) that I had lined up over the weekend. I am expecting the following:
  • 4 New Prowraps Diaper Covers in Newborn (white color)
  • 5 Used KL0's (Kissaluvs Fitteds Size 0 with the Umbilical Cord Snapdown. We already have about a dozen of these at home)
  • 2 Brand new newborn fitted Mutts (Muttaquin baby)
  • a used Bummis swimmi diaper in small (we have an identical one in medium that Ardyn wears/wore)
  • Five used Thirsties Covers in XS
  • 2 used XS Bum Genius AIO's (All-In-Ones) in twilight and grasshopper
  • 1 used pair of newborn sized Charcoal Knit Longies
  • 2 used newborn fitted Mutts in natural with yellow and green serging
  • 2 complete newborn fitted diaper and t-shirt sets. One with sheep and one with duckies.
Several of the items were barely used, or washed and never used, or part of a trial package that got turned back into the seller or manufacturer. Ohhhhhhh Boy. Once I get them all in my hot little hands, I will be able to advise myself on whether or not this requires the newborn stash to be completed or still in progress. AND I will share pictures. Because newborn fluff is SOOOO Super cute! I would like to get a sleep sack diaper cover, but am not sure about it. I have seen a few ADORABLE cashmere ones on Hyenacart, but their prices are not cheap, which is to be expected from a hand knit item like that. I know that I want to get a couple of pair of fleece longies in newborn size, or perhaps a fleece soaker or two, but those will be customs and I have yet to decide who I will have do those. I have several people in mind. All of my current custom fleece was done by Michelle at ThePeaChicNest, and I know that she makes newborn customs, but my last round of customs took alot longer than usual, and while that was okay, her communication was a little lacking and it worried me a bit. I hope everything is okay with her because she is super nice and does remarkable work, not to mention that there is no cover like an inspiration cover.

I recently scored three NWT Thirsties covers off Diaperswappers in size Large for Ardyn, because she seems to be outgrowing the rise on the mediums, especially with a goodmama on... problem being that the larges are still HUGE on her and I don't know if she will ever be able to wear them before Potty learning. So I will just keep the tags on them until I know for sure if she will need them.


You know, there is nothing worse than getting ready to relax in a bubble bath at midnight with a hot cup of tea, and stepping into a bathtub of tepid water. You know, because you washed diapers and ran the dishwasher and suddenly there IS no more hot water? And no matter how much water you try to add, it only gets colder in the tub and no matter how much you try to relax you just get more and more pissed off and you think that your skin might shatter from freezing so you just get out? Yeah. That was So relaxing!

I had planned to really relax. Really. I even got out the biolage. Ever since starting to stay home, there have been several personal financial sacrifices that I have made. From things as major (but insignificant) as having $90 hair coloring (three colors, foiled professionally) twice a year, to an $8 box of haircolor at wal-mart that I do myself (which really just is my "normal color" but helps keep my hair soft and smooth and stops me from noticing how my hair grows an entire shade darker in pregnancy and a shade lighter in summer!) To things as minor as switching from a $20 liter of Biolage to a $5 bottle of clairol or equate shampoo and conditioner. But I secretly keep the remaining biolage liters in the linen cupboard, and once in a great while I take a bath alone and uninterrupted and use the biolage and be happy with silky soft hair. Ahhh. I even broke out the biolage. And then had a cool bath. Yay. I also sometimes think of the massages and pedicures that I am missing, and trips to the mall for reasons besides seeing the easter bunny or santa claus. You know, like to shop for fragrances, lotions, and CLOTHES for myself. (unheard of.) I can't even tell you the last time I went through the purse and jewelry aisle in Target. I just avoid it. It's too hard for me. Actually, I bought a new purse at Target about the time I went back to work after having Ardyn. Or.... no wait, I had that purse when I was pregnant. Guess I can't say that. But I did buy one for myself right before I left work. And recently bought a new scrapbook tote while on my weekend getaway, that I use for a purse and get SO many compliments on. It's awesome, plus it holds a sippy cup and a diaper... so it's every mom's dream.

I should go to bed. But I am not feeling relaxed, just cold. It's 5 below tonight with the windchill, and the windows are crap, so I am feeling chilly.

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Anonymous said...

There is really no need to purchase the uber expensive chocolate cake mix to make cupcakes.

Duncan Hines is Dairy free.

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