Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed In Sunday.

After we got home last night, things really picked up with the blowing and snowing. More blowing than snowing. Evan's parents were trying to make it home from our Christmas party and made it as far as our house. They ended up having to turn around and head back to our place and stay overnight on the couches. My parents had gone out for supper and met my uncle for his birthday (which was yesterday) and when I texted them to stay in town with someone, mom said they would be fine, then proceeded to get their car stuck on the way home, and everyone that tried to come help them ended up getting stuck, and having to call someone else, so that I believe there were a total of 3 stuck vehicles and two more that came out to rescue, and they ended up leaving their car and staying at my sister's house- LOL. Of all the times my mom has told me to listen to her because she is my mom, I can't let her live this one down. The wind is still blowing but nothing like it was overnight. We were very fortunate that the power didn't go out, because that is what everyone (even the weather channel) was predicting. Luckily we had lots of toilet paper and drinking water. LOL.

Late this morning, I cuddled up on the couch and Ardyn watched a Sprout marathon while I dozen on and off. Then we snacked on "cookies" and crackers. Now Ardyn is laying down for a nap, although I hear more playing than napping, and I am washing more laundry, specifically the baby boy clothes that I stain treated last night. When she wakes up from her nap I think we will have a late meatball lunch, leftovers from yesterday's Christmas.

She has spent lots of time ringing the "doorbell" on my Gingerbread house, she loves it and has discovered how to crawl between the arms of the couches (which are at a right angle to each other with the arms touching) so that she can get back in the corner to the end table where it is sitting. Of course I also stash my crochet back there in it's bag, and the little garbage can. I guess it was only a matter of time until she decided it was worth figuring out how to get back there :)

Evan of course, had to be brave and go outside today, and take off driving. He was going to get some dog food.... and I am just glad that I am NOT going anywhere because the windchill has been ranging from -20 to -30 all day, and the actual temp has been between 1-4 degrees. I have a Doctor Appointment tomorrow, and it's supposed to be about 10 degrees. I will be taking my mom and Ardyn with, since we have a drive, and we will do a little mall-going to use up some coupons my mom has left. I can't believe that Christmas is already less than a week away! I totally haven't made my pajamas yet. I may end up just having pants at this point! LOL. I really need to get on that. Maybe tonight. If not tonight, I guess that leaves Tuesday!

Well, that's all the excitement I know about today, since I am laying low. There isn't even much on our TIVO, but I do have several movies on DVD that I need to watch, including the new Batman with Heath Ledger. Ahhh Heath. How I miss you.

Stay warm!

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