Saturday, December 20, 2008

One Down, Two To Go.

You know when you were a kid, how you felt this disappointment the day after Christmas, and although you were still elated with all the fun and gifts and food and treats, it was really evident that you had a whole year to wait for this to come again? And then you got in the workforce and out of school and that disappointment was like QUADRUPLED when you usually had to go right back to work the day after Christmas?

Now that I am "not working" but have the whole preparation, shopping, cooking, packing up to go all these places with a young child.... i start to feel more like relief. The closer to the day after Christmas we get, the more relieved I get.

Evan and his Grandma Marie:
Christmas at Grandma Marie's- 2008

We had Christmas at Ardyn's Great Grandma Marie's today. We had a TON of food, most of which Marie made, and we exchanged a few small gifts. Ardyn got a baby doll (that's really kinda scary) and the OXO Candella Nightlights that we had wanted. They dock and recharge and you can carry them to the bathroom or use them if the power goes out... they each last 8 hours. She got a cute leopard by Baby Gund that she was instantly thrilled with, and a little See N Say. I got something that I really wanted, the Hallmark Gingerbread House that lights up and plays music when you ring the doorbell. I was super excited, as it is sold out around here. Ardyn loved it too, and pushed the button over and over to get the music to play. Evan got a Hallmark Ornament of the Little Einsteins' Rocketship. It plays music too.

Checking out my new Gingerbread House:
Christmas at Grandma Marie's- 2008

Tonight I am stain treating more baby clothes that came out of the attic with spit up stains that infuriate me. We are still SO full. I can't imagine eating again, and it's already almost 8pm. It's hard to know if I should be trying to feed Ardyn. I gave her a mini cinnamon swirl bagel, and she seemed happy, but hasn't asked to eat yet.... so I might just let her go and see, as she grazed all afternoon. At one point she was in the kitchen with family, eating watermelon. She was really seriously choking, and Evan got right to her and was smacking her back and I was teriffied and she threw up the watermelon. It practically had me in tears I was so freaked out. I have had that happen once at home, but I was with her the whole time, so I knew exactly what was in her mouth and how much, and what had happened, and was confident that she would get it out, and she did. But this time, to just walk up on it and have no idea what she was choking on or how much and to see her throwing up this pink mush, I was really freaked out. I knew that Evan had it under control but I just wanted to run in and grab her and take control. It was terribly scary. And it literally happened like 5 minutes after we had a conversation in which Evan told me her grapes didn't need to be cut up and I told him they did or she wouldn't be eating grapes. It was like my mom instinct was already on alert for choking.... and it made it worse because I felt like I should have prevented it. When I was finally able to get her into my arms, I felt tons better, and she and I went and lay down and watched Elmo's Christmas COuntdown and then she fell asleep.

Ardyn and I opening her presents:
Christmas at Grandma Marie's- 2008

I can't think of much else to say, i'm just glad to be home and on my own couch in my own comfy clothes. Ahhhh. Tomorrow we watch movies and do chores around home and relax. That's sounding better every minute!

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