Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Review of Universal Outlet Cover

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Our customers say these are the BEST outlet covers! Less hassle than plug-in caps (no broken fingernails) and better looking, too. Pull out a plug, and the safety plate slides automatically in place, covering the socket. New universal design fits both standard (one screw) and Decora (two screw) out...

We have installed over 100 of these!

By dazed81 from Illinois on 12/30/2008

4out of 5

Gift: No

Pros: Useful Application, Easy Use, Strong Construction

Best Uses: Infants, Toddlers, Crawlers, Living Room, Bedrooms, Accident Prevention

Describe Yourself: Mom to a Toddler, Pregnant with number 2

We have purchased so many of these outlet covers. We have over 30 of them in our house alone, and then also installed them at my husband's office (family owned business) and at my Mother-In-Law and Brother-In-Law's homes.They are nice looking, easy to install, and fit both decorative and standard outlets. My daughter is now 16 months old and while she can UNPLUG things from these outlets, they are instantly covered, and that is safer than using removable outlet plugs of the plastic sort that can also be a choking hazard, not to mention hard for adults to use. The ONLY downside I have found to these is that sometimes if the outlet box is installed too deeply within the wall/drywall, the outlet doesn't make proper contact and things will unplug or not stay secure enough to provide power. I have this issue on about two outlets in our home. I will also say that items that have a "foldable" or collapsing power adapter (like a Nintendo DS) won't stay plugged in because the adaptor prongs fold within the adapter with the pressure of the outlet cover. I can't find a better way to explain this. Other than these two problems, they are wonderful covers, sturdy, functional, and worth every penny. I wish they came in ivory as well!


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