Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Cricut Love.

According to my watch, today is Tuesday. :) that would make tomorrow New Year's Eve!!! Yay! It really isn't any different than any other day I guess. We have no plans. Except that I want to pull some New year's Confetti and Hats and Horns from the attic and let Ardyn play with them all day and night. That's about it.

Today was pretty uneventful. Ardyn took a bath and had a wonderful time. I started using conditioner on her hair just before Christmas, and just got around to buying her some tear free apple conditioner by Suave, which I really like. It's helping to keep her curls in the back from getting tangled. And it's saving my carrot conditioner for me (yay mom.)

Ardyn played and played and played. We played in the kitchen (her kitchen) and she rode her horse, and discovered her oven "mittens." She fed her baby doll and pushed her in the stroller. She watched TV, ate lunch, and had pizza hut pizza for supper. (She gets a personal pan without cheese.)

We played with her Backyardigans Circus. We finished Marek's name by laminating it in sections and putting it above his crib (or soon to be his crib!)
Wall Art- Marek's room

We (Okay, I) started on baby announcements, I made 48 owls, 48 owl shadows, and 48 little branches for them to perch on. And that is just the beginning. Ardyn and I were hoping to go to my mom's tonight and pick out cardstock, but it got REALLY windy, and I can hear it inside, and now it's snowing, and it just seems like a good night to stay in! My mom threw her back out again on Sunday, and so we were planning on vacuuming the house for her while we were there, so I feel kinda bad, but tomorrow is another day! Another hour or two and Ardyn will be going to bed. I can't go into the sewing room because the water hasn't receded yet, so I have the laminator in the dining room with the Cricut and we have pretty much taken over the table.

Evan took the last Craft Locker down in Ardyn's big girl room, it was the last "office/scrapbook room" remnant that needed to come down. I have diapers to wash, diapers to fold, and laundry to do also, so I assume that after she goes to bed I might try to take a bath and work on some laundry. Nothing to strenuous! I have gathered the Christmas Cards and need to sit down and write in my book who I received from this year, and I have a few new addresses to record and add to next year's list. I have been trying to keep the list at 50 people, but each year it's a challenge. As new people get added, people sometimes have to go. It's a tough thing to make yourself do, but sometimes communication becomes one-sided, and that means it's time to move on to someone else who wants to reciprocate in "card-world." Ha.

I have had LOTS of chocolate cravings lately. LOTS. Today I ate 4 PB Cups and a package of Peanut M&M's and tonight I am pretty sure I will have to have Oreo Cookie Ice Cream.

Ardyn spent an hour tonight "snorkeling" around the living room with a juice box straw in her mouth. She can entertain herself with ANYTHING. I have to keep her out of the nursery at all times now because she loves to unload drawers. Shoes, clothes, diapers, socks.... everything. It frustrates the hell out of me, so I just shut the door, but it seems to get COOL in there, so I have to remember to open if before she goes to bed, and when we go in to change a diaper she says "Brrrr! Cold!" She has been in her timeout chair twice tonight, and that was amongst many warnings and redirections on my part. Now that she figured out how to get back in the corner between the couches, she is always going back there and unraveling my crochet or trying to get in the garbage. I am back to running the Roomba everyday as she has rediscovered the shredding of paper and there also seems to be an abundance of KIX and Cheerios around. She won't leave it alone, so I have to put the gate up and corral her in her bedroom to play while the Roomba vacuums the living room and dining room.

Well, now It's Ardyn's bedtime. Goodnight!

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