Saturday, November 29, 2008

If it ends with cupcakes, it's an okay day!

Today has been a really really long day. I guess we have just done plenty. when we got up today, Ardyn and I took a bath, and then we got her ready and took her over to grandma and grandpa's house. All the guys were hunting pheasant and Evan and I left Ardyn with grandma and ran around a bit, going to TWO Wal-marts (long story, first one refused to price match and the manager sent Evan through the roof, so we went to another who would) and grabbed some wrapping paper and ribbon for Ardyn's gifts, and a new Christmas Board book to read with ardyn, and went to a kids resale shop and got a few boy clothes that were cute and a few cute used toys for Ardyn (a doctors kit, a tool kit, and a dog flashlight) and then came home where I adjusted all the straps in her car seat and put it back in the van, and then went back to MIL and FIL's house where we visited with family and had pizza for supper. I feel bad getting her more toys, but I figure that she loves flashlights and is alway stealing ours, so why not have one for $2 that barks and is shaped like a dog? The batteries in the damn thing cost about $2 themselves. And a $3 doctor's kit? Why not? And the toolkit I sent to my moms because she was looking for one and for $3 I couldn't resist it. Tomorrow is my husband's 29th birthday. And I have not bought him a thing. Nor do I have a card. I suck. Except that I didn't get a card on my birthday (which was Monday) nor did I get one on Mother's Day. So. Nuff said? Still I feel bad. Why is that?

Last night I did get all of Ardyn's clear toy organizer boxes labeled with photos and contact paper, and I also labeled shelves for where some of her toys go. I didn't want to go too far out, especially since I didn't know if she would start peeling or not really even notice. So far so good, but she has barely spent any time here today so that's not a really good judge.Right now Ardyn is micxing up some cupcakes. Over and over she says "cupcake." and then "Mmmmm!" and licks the pink mixing spoon. She loves the spoon and the little cupcake tin of pretty cakes. She is getting a set similar to this one for Christmas from Grandma Deb, but this was super cheap and on sale today and Evan thought it was perfect. Plus grandma's set has different cupcakes and not the same utensils. Plus, can you HAVE too much food in your kitchen? He. And seriously, how cute is it to just hear "cukcape" coming out of the mouth of someone in all pink with pigtails? Seriously.
I am seriously adoring the Hanna Andersson Mocs that we grabbed up on ebay. I am so glad I got two pair, and now I am wishing for more, because she wears them EVERYDAY at home, and took them to grandma's too. Perfect for winter around home. My friend Amy lives near an outlet where they sell the mocs for literally like $5 a pair and she was going to look for me on black friday to see if she could scoop up a few pair. I hope she was able to get some more!

I am sitting here looking at my three brand new and fabulous cricut cartridges and really thinking "If it were only December 26th." LOL. I have planned the baby's birth announcements using a cricut cartridge, and we know his name already (mwaaahahaha! Wouldn't you like to know!) and so I am just DYING to get started on tiny announcements. Having all of Ardyn's done way ahead of time was AWESOME and I got them out so quickly. Now, we wait!

Tomorrow we have a family day for Evan's birthday. We are making Chocolate cupcakes with frosting (dairy free!) and hanging out at home.

Oh, and look at this. It practically makes me cry. It's insane. I can't believe she's so big already and I am so glad there is another one on the way... When I watch this one, I can't wait to breastfeed again, I miss it terribly.

Well, it's 5 till midnight, and Ardyn JUST went to bed (she's a little night owl) and I haven't decided if I should go to bed, watch TV, wrap her presents, or clean up the kitchen more. I already cleaned up her room. And I DO Have tons of laundry to fold. But I suppose it will all be there tomorrow. Maybe clean up a bit in the kitchen, make myself a cuppa chamomille lemon tea and grab a slice of cheesecake, and get some rest.


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