Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mickey Mouse Waffles from Cherrybrook Kitchen

Turkey Day is on it's way. All is well here. The roast is cooking, the potato casserole is already together and in the fridge, and the eggs for the deviled eggs have been boiled, peeled, and refrigerated. The house is pretty well picked up, and we have just eaten a late lunch and are about to start naptime.

We have been jamming out to for the past few days, and if you aren't addicted yet, you're missing out. There have only been a few things so far that I have really wanted to change. For example, when listening to a radio station (Like kids radio) I might hear a song that's REALLY cute, and maybe it really makes Ardyn giggle and dance, so I want to favorite the song. Well, I do that, and it adds it to my favorite song list, but then it ALSO Adds the artist to my personal library of favorite artists/bands. So if there is a song by Harry the Rapping Hamster that makes Ardyn act silly, and I add it to my favorite songs so that I can play it later for her, then the stupid Hamster gets added to MY Library as one of my favorite artists. And it bugs me, because I can like a certain song for any purpose or reason without considering the artist one of my favorites. Argh. I guess the only way around this would be to add the song to a playlist, but then when you delete the artsit from your library, the song gets removed from playlists and the song also gets removed from your favorites. I believe this is seriously flawed. While I can live with the Mickey Mouse Club, Sesame Street, and Rockabye Baby in my favorite artists list, I can't live with Harry the Hamster. Seriously?

This morning we made waffles (Mickey Mouse Head Waffles nonetheless) out of the new Dairy Free Pancake and Waffle Mix that I got yesterday. It's by and we used rice milk to prepare it, as directed, and because that's what Ardyn drinks. It was freaking DELICIOUS and Ardyn and I both ate a whole waffle with strawberry syrup drizzled on top. Wow were they delicious. We will be buying more of their products for sure.

Blogger photo uploads have been bugging me lately. Suddenly, whenever I upload a photo to my blog by pointing blogger to a particular url (flickr) Blogger fails to resize the photo to fit the specifications that they have set forth (small, medium, large) and therefore medium photos have begun to hang over the righthand side of the posting area. So on top of not being able to insert the photo where the cursor was, and constantly having to reposition photos as you are uploading (because they place all photos at the top, regardless of the order they were added, or the location of your cursor when adding) I now also have photos all wonky sized. I am not sure what is going on with this.

I am trying to decide if I should take a nap while Ardyn naps. This has plagued me alot lately. Because while I am not exhausted, I could sleep. And I know that later, I will regret not napping. But lately my desire to have a minute to my self to take a bath or read or blog or drink a cup of tea, has prevented me from napping. I just feel the time closing in when I will have two and they won't likely be napping at all, and neither will I... and I want to savor the time to myself... but again, I want to savor some sleep too. I did NOT want to get up this morning, and Ardyn got up earlier than usual, and was playing in her crib. She unzipped her sleeper jammies and undid her diaper and was playing... and of course Dad found her, washed her off, and sent her naked into the bathroom to greet me for a bath. Then I did strip the bed, wash the rungs, wash her sheets and blankets, etc. Silly beeb.

I am incredibly frustrated because the Window company did not return our call yesterday or today. And the endocrinologist's office didn't return my call yesterday, so I called them back AGAIN today to get the test results from last Monday, as the Dr. Requested that I do. They told me that the results were "normal" which was exactly what they told me last time (incorrectly) and so I asked them to have to Dr. Review my results to be sure that he did not want me to be medicated. They called back and said no medication, so I am hesitantly trusting them this time. I should have asked them for a copy of the results. Maybe I will just call next week and have them send them so that I can take them to my next OB appointment.

I could clean the bathroom. Or I could nap. Hmm. Nap. Clean. Nap. Clean.

Maybe I will just switch the laundry and then go lay down for a bit and see what happens.
More later.

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