Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I really do not want to clean today. But this place is seriously trashed.
I have all the baby clothes either put away or half put away, and I need to get the 9 cube organizer that I planned on putting next to the changing table. I have all the cubes already bought, so I started putting clothes in them, but don't have the shelf yet. I was thinking maybe this week I would run and get one, so I wanted to check the Target website to see if it is on sale (it's always on sale for $29.99 instead of $39.99) and suddenly, I feel like I have entered a parallel universe because it is listed for $59.99! What the FUCK!? Sorry. But that was totally necessary. Increasing the price before Christmas? I kept checking to see if I was on a website for like, another country. What the hell. So I decided to call my target store. And they have them. For $39.99. Ugh. So what is up with the website? Talk about give a chick an unnecessary heart attack.

And don't even get me started on the $17.99 SDHC Card reader that I bought there that doesn't work. And that all other customers say "doesn't work" and that I called the company about yesterday. They were all calm and cool and told me that they would get me the manufacturers information, and then they couldn't find ANY contact information for the manufacturer. Imagine that. SO I am supposed to call them on Monday (another example of supreme customer service- the "you call us back" thing.) and speak to a manager with my case ID number and get something accomplished. Also while checking another Target store for the cube unit and going to my doctor's appointment 45 minutes away that I don't even think it is necessary to go to. And I don't want to go. But I will go. This time.

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Kelly Deneen said...

Ugh! That really stinks! Thank goodness it is still 39.99 in the store (although 29.99 would be nicer).

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