Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

So today we went shopping. Our intention was to hit craft stores (JoAnn, Michaels, Hobby Lobby) and then also Toys R Us. I grabbed a couple of bias tape makers, and also a new marking pen. Also got a tree skirt for Ardyn's pink Christmas Tree, and a star to use as a topper. 50% off. Yay. I grabbed three sheets of pastel felt for more cookie frosting, and a pack of 2 iron ons that say "I'm the big sister." Can't wait to use those!

When we went to Toys R Us, we got lucky and ran into the one other kitchen that we had been considering originally. It is a wood kitchen, kind of al all-in-one design, with a built in laundry center and ironing board. It's totally cute and unisex (hence the upcoming boy) and when we looked online, even though it is new for this Christmas Season, it is out of stock everywhere, and there were no toys r us stores in Illinois that had any. We got super lucky and happened to find two in Toys R Us, so we picked one up. So Ardyn's Kitchen looks like This!
SOOOOOO Stinkin cute! We also got her a HUGE Board book for like $5 on 50% off, that we will wrap up. It's HUGE, like as big as an encyclopedia, but it's got a padded cover and board book pages, with really nice full color photos of farm animal faces. She adored it in the store, and it retails for $14.99, so the $5 price was awesome.Today Ardyn wore pigtails for the first time, and she was of course super cute. She has two molars coming in on the bottom and her gums are SUPER swollen. She was especially cranky at times today, she cried for an hour straight on the way to our shopping destination, and had so many fits in Perkins that we had to have them pack our dinners to go and eat in the van. Where of course she was fine after a cuddle from mom, a rousing 2 rounds of the ABC's, and two Dr. Seuss Books. I thought Evan was going to drive the van off a cliff with all of us inside from all her screaming. Good thing Illinois is fairly flat. LOL. And we had hylands, orajel, and motrin with us for reinforcements. The motrin helped her to finally nap, through the whole Toys R Us experience, in the cart. Thank God. She was SO tired!

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