Monday, November 17, 2008

Here comes Santa CLaus, Here Comes Santa Claus....

What a BUSY day! I had a doctor's appointment today (an hour away) with my endocrinologist. I really wanted to sleep sleep sleep in, since I didn't get to sleep until 2am and was up twice between 2 and 7 to pee.... but the phone started ringing (three phone calls between 8am and 8:20am) and I was then wide awake. That's the bad part of pregnancy. Once I get woke up between like 5 and 9am, I can NOT get back to sleep for hours. I hate that. It's like a hallmark of pregnancy. Sometimes I can have some cereal or a pop tart, or a granola bar and have a better chance of falling back to sleep. But not as much this pregnancy as the last.

So *LUCKILY* Ardyn slept through most of the phone calls and went right back to sleep. I, on the otherhand, lay in bed and listened to the dogs prance on the porch, wanting to go outside because they heard sounds of life from inside. And then I just decided to get up. I unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded it, and ran it. Cleaned up in the kitchen, Called Two Doctors and Two Pharmacies to get prescriptions lined up and refilled, let the dogs out and in, and by then it was just about 9:30 and I was starting to get exhausted. And I lay down thinking I *might* be able to get back to sleep... and Ardyn woke up. As I knew she would. And so she went right into the bathtub and I did my hair and makeup and got dressed, and got her dressed and ready, then we both ate breakfast of Bananas, Milk, and Banana Bread.

We ran to town, got all the prescriptions picked up, and ran to Wal-Mart. I did a little helping for Santa, because I know that he's a frugal guy, and he really wanted to see if WalMart would price match the $12.98 price on a cabbage patch anniversary newborn, which luckily they did. Unfortunately we were unable to find the bald caucasian baby that was on our list, and settled for one with hair instead. Even most online stores and the Toys R Us I visited this afternoon have no bald babies left.

We had a few more errands to run and then grabbed McDonalds from the drive-thru and headed for home where we met Dad and Grandma Deb, who watched Ardyn so that I could drive to my doctor appointment.

The endocrinologist has me frustrated this time. I started going to the specialist in September because I could tell my thyroid was off again. I was told that it was likely that this was a thyroid condition brought on by the baby in the first trimester, and that once the first trimester got over, they were fairly sure it would correct itself. Granted I DO feel better, but I still practically require 10-12 hours of sleep each night in order to be at my best, and if there wasn't anyone to wake me, I would easily sleep for 13 or 14 hours. I have been making it by without a nap on almost every day, but still can be tired. I had blood drawn twice in September, then again in October, and again today in November. In October the Dr's office told me that they would call me with results, and after about two weeks I had no results yet. So I called the office and their return call assured me that my test results were normal, and that they didn't call because they ONLY call with abnormal results. Okay. So then I couldn't figure out why I really need to drive an hour once a month just for a blood draw, when I can have one at home and have the results sent to the specialist.

Well, then today the Dr. tells me that my blood results have been off for all four tests since September and that they believe the thyroid problem is genuine and not just a result of the thyroid hormones made by the placenta in the first trimester. So after today's results come back, they plan on putting me on medication. I think that would be great, but seriously, if I had KNOWN that the results were off last month, I should have been medicated then, but because no one called, I slipped through the cracks. Because I was confused about why the office staff gave me the opposite results than the Dr. gave me, I requested all of my lab results on paper to take with me. They graciously obliged, and then I got out of the office and had time to look through the papers, I realized that they only gave me results from September, and not October, so I don't even have all of the lab results. UGH. So I can't even tell what the true story is. Now I have to go back THREE DAYS before Christmas. Ick.

So after my appointment I ran to Toys R Us. We had bought the kitchen on Saturday, and when we got home we found a $10 off card for $10 off our purchase of $100 or more. So I took the receipt back and they honored it, and I also had a coupon for a $10 gift card. So I got $20 back on the kitchen. Which made the $76 that I spent today seem like nothing. Especially because grandma sent me with money to buy something for Ardyn, and when I came back with the stack, she bought almost ALL of it from me and decided to wrap it up from her and grandpa. LOL. That was great. It was like shopping without paying, for me! So we started out with the plan of "just a kitchen" and now she is up to a wood kitchen, A Fisher Price Mini Meal Food Playset (her 2nd- we got her the PB&J set a couple of weeks ago), a cabbage patch newborn, a giant board book of farm animals, and four pair of pretty knee socks that I will be converting to Legwarmers for her before Christmas. And that's just from us. Grandma walked home with a three tier plate holder full of desserts for a fabulous tea party, a red, cast iron looking set of cookware with a gingham checked oven mitt and 3 wooden spoons, a full Betty Crocker Baking set with utensils, food, and pans/muffin tins.... and a set of rainbow color ice cream cones. Where oh Where, will we put all of this! LOL. She is so about playing food and tea party right now that I know she will be thrilled, and they will last for YEARS of play.

I am listening to Dave Letterman interview a lady who got bitten by a rabid fox while she was jogging. She ran another 1.5 miles with the fox clamped onto her arm- because she wanted it tested. When she got to her car she pried the fox off and put it in the trunk and then went to the ER. When Animal Control opened the trunk to get the fox, it bit the officer on the elbow. The fox WAS Rabid and she got rabies shots.

Well, I need to go lay out FLAT since I ate a late salad for supper at almost 10pm and my tummy is trying to decide what to do with it.

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