Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ardyn's Apron and Oven Mitts

So I wanted to make Ardyn an apron for Christmas, and I found a tutorial online for toddler aprons out of dishtowels. But when I read the fine print, it said that the apron fit an 8-10 year old. NOT a toddler. So before I even started I was altering it. I didn't like the bias tape neckline, because the neck hole was then a fixed size (not only unpractical, but not able to grow with you), so I modeled it after my Pampered Chef Aprons and made it adjustable with a ribbon neck and ties that slide through a casing. I didn't want to waste all that extra length so I folded the bottom fabric up to make pockets (what's an apron without pockets after all?) and then I added pretty trim and ribbon. Then I decided that I wanted it a little long so she has room to grow, so hence the fact that it's folded up a bit when she is wearing it. Then I had all kinds of extra fabric left so I made some oven mitts. two square potholder types and one oven mitt type. The finished product was really nothing like the tutorial, except that I used a dishtowel. LOL.

Photos for your viewing pleasure.

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Michelle said...

cute! oh so very adorable!

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