Friday, November 21, 2008

To nap or not to nap?

Would it be okay to just take a nap? He.

I shipped Ardyn off with Grandma this afternoon. And then in three hours time I picked up prescriptions, got the mail, mailed a package, bought an arm roast at the locker, made a haircut appointment, renewed my driver's license, got all my groceries for Thanksgiving, Met with the photographer to get Ardyn's proof book and order a few pictures, and came home, unloaded groceries and put on comfy clothes so that I can clean off the former "scrapbook table" and find a home for all the crap piled on it.

Of course before I got home, I get a call from Evan saying that the power is off everywhere and so when I come home I hurry up and cram the food into the fridge and freezer and think that if it really takes until 8pm to get power back on, and something happens to all the food I just bought, including the $32 eight-pound roast, I will be SO pissed.

Then 10 minutes after I am home, the power comes back on. Ah. I hate how retarded I act when the power goes out. You know, the standard flipping of light switches, that kind of stuff. And then there's the whole "I bet the TV will say what the problem is with the power outage" or "I will just check my email really quick." That kind of crap. That makes me feel like a dumb blonde who doesn't understand the concept of power. Ugh. It's so ingrained.

Overall today has been the day of Murphy's Law. If the toilet seat is left open, Ardyn will find it. If I forget to order my 2 cheeseburger meal without pickles, there will be THREE pickles on each one (triple the usual amount.) Whew. All that I have accomplished so far has made me exhausted. I am so grateful for this moment of absolute silence. Alone Time. ahhh. And I have that table staring at me but I am REALLY Not feeling it but it would be much smarter to do it now when I am alone. Kick. Kick Kick. Oh yeah, not really ALONE. Off to take heartburn medicine and MAKE myself clean that damn table.

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Amanda in RI said...

I think you did great, clean table or not. I'm at the point where if I'm home alone, I don't even know where to start! I'm so used to have the kids here with me!

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