Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fall Fun

Sorry I may have been slacking lately. We have been fairly busy around here. Today Ardyn and I got up early (for us) and went to vote, and then went to Story Hour at the Library, and then to Wal-mart. We have been having problems with our debit card that have really been making me cranky. For two days in a row, even though we had money, our debit card would not work. I could check the balance online and there would be HUNDREDS of dollars, but I couldn't spend a dime getting stuff at Wal-Mart because it wouldn't work. Then we discovered through a friend working there, that the company that processes their debit cards was having issues with their software. So for two days in a row, we carted a toddler into the store, loaded up with what we needed, and then couldn't check out. I never thought about using the ATM to get cash. Then suddenly it started working. And then today, I checked the balance before I left home and all was well, and as soon as I got to Wal-Mart, I couldn't even spend $24 for vitamins and hand soap and the card wouldn't work. So I went to the ATM and saw that there was like $100 available but even the ATM wouldn't give me money. I was so frustrated. tonight at the close of the day, there is still $100 in the account, but the ATM and debit and credit functions wouldn't work at Wal-Mart. ARGH. Frustrating. I hope that whatever is going on gets straightened out.

Tomorrow we have our guy coming over in the morning because our garbage disposal has ceased to function (thanks to what seems to be banana peels) and our sink is clogged and gross and un-usable in the kitchen. Then I have labwork and an appointment in the afternoon.

I need to wash diapers, and my clothes, and Ardyn's clothes, and pack up my scrapbooking supplies for the weekend. I plan to do all that on Thursday, in addition to having my new cleaning girl come for the first time, which I am SO excited about. I can not wait. And I am not the least bit stressed about picking up tons of stuff, because she has kids, little kids, and is a mom, and I just look forward to working with her.

Today my picture order from Flickr arrived, so that I have lots to scrapbook this weekend. More than I will EVER get to! Sunday we took Ardyn to a couple of parks and really enjoyed the weather. We took TONS of pictures, so many that I was able to narrow it down to about 15 favorites or so. About 140 photos that afternoon. We had lots of fun. I have shared some of my favorites here.

Trick Or Treat was nice. Evan stayed home (YAY!) and Ardyn, Evan, and I handed out candy, along with Lisa. We then all ordered stuffed crust pizzas from Pizza Hut that were AWESOME. And Evan brought me a coke and peanut butter cups, so I was totally satisfied.

Today I have been trying to get through Tivo. Since we were without Cable for so long, I missed the entire season (with the exception of the first two episodes) of Raising the Bar on TNT. Monday was a marathon with every episode, including the season finale, so I set the DVR to grab them all and watched a couple today already. I also saw the most recent desperate housewives which totally confuses me as I haven't seen any this season and it has fast forwarded like 5 years and has all kinds of new people. I have yet to see an episode of Men In Trees and I never heard it was cancelled, although I saw "Jack" on another show's preview the other day. I will need to investigate that online.

Ardyn is eating my Buddha Mousepad.

Next week is my ultrasound at 20 weeks, so we will probably see the sex of the baby, although I may have mentioned before I am not getting my hopes up as I had about 3 US's at 20 weeks and over with Ardyn and didn't see the sex in any of them because she had her legs crossed for MONTHS. Little stinker. The midwife swears she has a "boy" vibe and I am trying to convince myself that a son is okay, even though I was in a family of girls and am not sure I am ready for a boy just yet. I have so much great girl stuff that I would love to be able to use it again. Although I know that we will have lots more kids if we can help it, so I am sure it will be fine no matter what the sex.

Well, that's good for now, Ardyn is getting tired and cranky, despite two naps today I think she wants attention and then it's going to be bedtime. Have a great night and enjoy our pics!


Janice said...

I love the pic of Ardyn peeking around the tree. She is adorable and she is definitely your mini-me!!

Janice in Virginia

Michelle said...

...anxiously awaiting to hear if you found out the sex of your baby!

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