Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Loving Target? Organizing. Visiting. Preparing.

Today was fabulous. Instead of hating Target all day, I ended up GOING to Target, getting excellent service, and being thrilled.

We started out the day with a bath for Ardyn and some reading of Parents magazine for mom. I adore watching her play in the tub and sitting there reading a magazine. Well, I don't read much, except for short things. I just sit at the side of the tub while she soaks in her oil bath and plays with her toys. Ardyn and I got ready and went to Target, where I got her a casual outfit for Christmas (and perhaps for some photos) and then got the cubicals organizer. I had called in advance and they were holding it for me, but GET THIS, it had increased in price $10 since Sunday (today is Wednesday) and so when we got there I asked someone if I could get the $39.99 price and I DID! I also found the clear itso organizers IN STOCK that I have been trying to pick up there for about 4 months. They are always out and I was so excited to see three of them, for Ardyn's toy shelves. Good to organize, nice and soft and flexible, but still durable plastic. And clear so that short people can see inside. I had also called Target's hotline this morning and was informed that I could take my lemon of a card reader back, which I did today and got full credit which I put towards the shelf for the diapers.

This afternoon we went to three sets of great-grandparents, two sets of grandparents, and an aunt and an uncle for quick visits and to drop off our handprint turkeys that we made. Then we came home and had tuna salad sandwiches and applesauce for supper and assembled the cube in about 30 minutes. I started to fill it, and put the newborn diapers out. But I still have to think about how I want things organized. And it may change frequently when I have two to diaper and dress. I was happy to have the "top shelf" space in the nursery again, and it allowed me to unclutter the tiny lingerie dresser that holds many of Ardyn's clothes, socks, and all of our baby wipes (cloth.)

Then Ardyn and I organized some in her big girl room and started a load of diapers. I folded and hung a load of clean Ardyn laundry, and I still have some things to do tonight before Jamie comes to clean tomorrow. My birthday is five days away and I have nothing planned yet. Not worried. Maybe we won't do anything. I need to call to get my hair trimmed, it has been a while, since like mid September and it needs a trim.

I feel like there is plenty to do, but unless I wait until Ardyn goes to bed, whatever I do will likely get UNDONE pretty quickly. Tonight should have been a new epsisode of Dirty Sexy Money and I also have a new CSI Miami to watch, so I have a good feeling that I will spend some time watching TIVO while folding laundry and sorting diapers. I don't remember if I mentioned this, but on Sunday I have a girl coming over to learn about cloth diapers. I have never met her before, but she heard about us through a relative and she is due with her first baby in February, so I am excited to show her what I have and talk about cloth. I wish there was a big enough demand in this area to actually do this more often. But this will be the second person that I have come over, and therefore I feel good about that.

I am really really really getting the itch to sew, and I have PLENTY of things on the brain. I have everything to make Ardyn's Dishtowel apron, I have been working on felt cookies and need to continue, I have the Christmas pajama pants to finish for Evan and I, and I now have the things to make a boppy cover for the baby, in a solar system fabric. I had a nice boppy luxe cover and it got recalled. The one they sent me in return is just plain UGLY so I am just going to make another one. And I have four pair of legwarmers to make for Ardyn before Christmas. With Thanksgiving coming up, and us hosting, I don't know that I will get to the sewing room until after Thanksgiving. But maybe I will. I should clean the kitchen tonight AGAIN, I do it every night it seems. But it seems so much funner to do something else.

Well, that's all. Have a great night!

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Amanda in RI said...

You inspired me. :) I finally finished the quilt I was making for my daughter. You can check out a pic on my blog.

Now to just make the ponchos for both girls and finish my other daughter's quilt!

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