Saturday, November 22, 2008


The table is clean! YAY!!!! It took me.... 3 hours. Seriously. I went through everything. Got 2 bags of garbage. And organized everything into containers and labeled them so that Evan would know where to carry them. And then I took some scrapbook to my moms and made 14 tags to label the new diaper bins and the original baskets, so that babysitters, grandparents, etc. would know what belongs to who. I am so thrilled that the table is CLEAN! Today Evan will put all the stuff away and then we can remove the table from Ardyn's big girl room. I already have the toddler bed and run in place where the table used to be, and some more stuff hung on the walls, including a giant colorful map of the USA, some little einsteins things that we made, and her name in Sesame Street letters. After being so tired and sick feeling in early pregnancy, it is so refreshing to be able to accomplish something. Call it nesting, but I think it's just me trying to catch up!

I found myself a tote in the attic to put clean rags and spare mop heads in, to keep in the closet. Now that I have jamie cleaning, I have a pretty decent cycle of rags to wash here at home, and I really got tired of stacking them. The tote is perfect and I just adore putting clean rags away and stacking the mop heads in there after washing them. I am trying to be as green as possible, and Jamie likes that idea. She uses vinegar and baking soda or the clorox green products to clean with, and we try to use all reusable things. She does love the swiffer dusters, even though I bought a few microfiber dusters that can be reused and washed, she still prefers the pick up power of the swiffer. I can be okay with that. Everything else we use gets washed and reused, so I suppose one exception is cool. Several months ago (probably back at the beginning of the year) I stopped using Clorox wipes because I really thought of all the chemicals and the waste they were providing, (package waste, wipe waste) and although it was hard at first, now that we have a good cycle of clean/dirty rags, it is not a big deal at all. It makes me proud!
After picking up Ardyn last night, I came home and Evan carried her stuff inside, and then I laminated and hole punched the tags I made, and tied ribbons on them all, and started diapers in the wash. Then we cut Evan's hair and watched some TV while having some food. Evan brought home peanut butter cups, vanilla ice cream, and 7-up, a pregnant woman's cuisine. Yum. Unfortunately he is not feeling well today. Might be the nachos he had last night?

This morning I colored my hair while Ardyn took her bath, and then I showered and folded towels and rags. Ardyn is busy spreading cheerios over the entire living room floor.

Time for lunch!

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