Wednesday, November 19, 2008

23+ hours of Target Hate

Well, the battle royale between myself and the mice has officially begun again. Just last week I started to hear mice in the attic again. I informed my husband, who either did not believe me, or seemed less than concerned. I said "Please check the attic to see if the poison is all gone" and did he? Nope. But several days later he thought that HE heard mice. Aha! So now it's real. And when I asked him to get baby clothes down from the attic, he informed me that there is no longer poison up there and that they have eaten it all. Did this send him running to the store to buy more? Nope. But it sure did send me running. I got a package on Monday morning. It is officially 17 minutes past WEDNESDAY and the poison still sits in the kitchen. Just like the garbage hasn't been taken out and is so full that the lid is open. Just like I heard the scurrying of tiny filthy feet in the kitchen all night and kept running out and scaring the damn thing away. Finally I moved furniture (okay, I moved the pantry cupboard, full of canned goods and such) so that I would have an outlet in the nook area that was exposed (there is only one outlet there) and so that I could plug in an electronic repellant. And not seconds after I did that, the bastard came running through the kitchen in an exodus towards the stove.

I called the husband to express my anger that the poison was not in place. Last time it was literally less than 2 days before we saw no more mice or evidence of mice. Why must we delay things around here?

So this evening I unloaded the clean dishwasher, and put today's dishes in it and just started running it again. Even though the load isn't full, it's better off clean in the dishwasher than giving mice a potential place to find a crumb.

Today he did burn the ditch outside, and raked TONS of leaves (literally raked for about 2 hours straight) and I was happy about that, but seriously, the poison is top on my list. As was changing the kitchen lightbulb that has been out for, oh say four weeks with new bulbs ready for, oh say two weeks.

So these are the things that make a 5 month pregnant wife stand on a stool at 12:15am on a Wednesday. Replacing a lightbulb. And move a pantry full of food. At 12:15am on a Wednesday. And unload the dishwasher, reload it, start a load of laundry, gather dirty rags, vacuum the kitchen floor, and WISH she were in BED at 12:15am on a Wednesday. And these are the things that prevent her from watching the end of "Twins Twins and Sextuplets" and prevent her from enjoying a nice cup of tea with her slippers on before bed, and prevent her from washing diapers as she had planned. Stupid little things that should already be done. And I could just NOT blog and do all those things too, but hey, what fun is it if I leave nothing to do tomorrow?

On the upside, today Ardyn and I made Handprint Turkeys for all the immediate relatives. We talked about the body parts and pointed them out on her beanie baby turkey while we glued them onto our handprint turkeys. We counted out two eyes for each turkey as we glued them on. She did really well until about halfway through the eye gluing stage, and then she wanted to relieve herself from craft time and watch Sprout. Tonight we also did some coloring. She learned an entire new skill, which was that by coloring OFF the paper and onto the table, she could make mom's head spin. And that, was funny. To Ardyn. At least it wiped right off the new plastic tablecloth. I bought the heavy duty clear plastic at Joann's and made it into a tablecloth that covers up our fall leaves Cloth Tablecloth. And then under the plastic we put fun season things like the pictures we are coloring of pilgrims, indians, papooses, and turkeys. And a little handprint turkey that we finished today. And a picture of Ardyn last fall. Fun things like that.

Tonight Ardyn learned to dip ketchup properly. You can see the video a couple of posts down.
And she went to bed at midnight, as any good 1 year old should do.

I would really like to upload some photos of the handprint Turkeys, but of course, my card reader that I bought from TARGET is a piece of SHIT and it won't work so I can't get the pictures uploaded. And I have to call them back because they can't call me and they have to have a supervisor figure out why no one knows who manufactures the card and why no one who buys it can get it to work. And of course I have no less than FOUR other SD Card readers here, but they won't read SDHC cards, so that screws that idea.

I hate Target today. That's my thing. Today. I will hate Target. And since it's only.... 12:32am, that gives me almost 24 more hours to hate Target with wild abandon. I might even hate them just because my eczema is making my skin itch. And I might even hate them because my husband didn't put the empty Culligan water jug on the back porch where it belongs. And I MIGHT even hate them because my cell phone battery is nearly dead but the Roomba decided to suck up my charger cord a while back and it is all wonky and dangerously fire-prone. I might also hate Target because my husband has been ignoring the two totes of clothes that I have asked him to take BACK up to the attic. How's that for logic? And last but not least, I will hate them because the rollers on my brother laser printer have quit picking up paper, but Brother tried to sell me some crock of shit about how I just need to buy a new toner cartridge. R-iii-ght. That must be it. If I was someone who didn't know better, I would have wasted $65 on a new toner cartridge on a printer whose newest model costs $99 brand new after rebate. And has 30 more MB of memory and is wireless and wired network capable right out of the box. Stupid Target.

Okay. Now I feel better. My skin itches, but I feel better. maybe I should just go to bed.

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