Thursday, November 13, 2008

Grey's Anatomy.... Seriously?

Okay. I think they are getting a little off the wall. Izzy is having sex with a ghost, and lexepedia is putting together a team of interns that are going to remove another intern's appendix just for practice, when there is nothing wrong with him? Really. Next there will be vampires. This is getting a bit ridiculous.

I have a headache. I have had it ALL DAY. I wanted to blame the weather, but now I am thinking it might all go back to the spaghetti that I heated up at 1am this mornning. It sure tasted good, but I KNEW it would give me heartburn and so it did, and it kept me up, and I had to sleep upright, and so my neck hurts, and so I have had a headache all day. That tylenol will not cure. So I have picked up all of Ardyn's toys and am just WAITING for her to look sleepy so that I can start washing her diapers and go to BED with the heating pad on my neck.

Today I made a star shaped sugar cookie (felt) and a heart shaped one, and got about 80% finished with a gingerbread man before I had to put him down because of my headache and just plain being annoyed that my embroidery floss kept knotting. Pics tomorrow maybe.

I went through two totes of boy clothes from a friend and picked out what I wanted, and tomorrow I need to add up the total so that I can see if I can realistically keep the things that I picked out. AND I need to have Evan bring down my tote of boy clothes from the attic so that I can go through them and get an idea of what I have and if it will match "season-wise" with the baby.

I would type more and be more entertaining, but my headache is hurting, so more tomorrow I hope!

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Kelly Deneen said...

I've decided that Izzy must have a brain tumor.

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