Monday, October 09, 2006

What Goes Around.....

I am gonna get all judgemental and catty here for a bit.

Going to lunch at 4:00 this evening (again, it's when I remembered that I hadn't eaten yet. I am all screwed up) and there is a cop on 6th street. Now first let me say that he was pretty damn close to entrapment, if you were coming from the south and speeding, you were gonna get nailed because he was parked perpindicular to a white semi with a large trailer. You couldn't see him till it was WAYY too late. From the north, you had the stretch of road where EVERYONE goes above the speed limit. That's the reason most people TAKE that road, so that they can avoid traffic and stop lights. Of course the City of Princeton puts more stop signs on that road every month, in what I believe is an attempt to slow us all down.

So I am coming from the south, heading north, meeting people who are speeding. Trying to make the "there's a cop ahead" flash with meaningful eye contact. I see one chick who I meet at the stop sign of 6th and route 34, and First she's screwing around at the stop sign and not going, when it's her turn. Everyone there is looking at her like "come ON lady!" She was probably 40. She had the "MILF" thing going on. Hair in a ponytail, sunglasses, and the whole "I am SOOOO Better than you" look on her face. She turned in front of me and I was just instantly disliking her.

It may have been the "I have a 15 carat wedding ring and my husband bought me this car" look on her face, which I also can personally transmit to the "I was the cheerleading slut in high school who flipped up her skirt and took it from behind from all the football players behind the equiptment shed before games." look. Yep. Mmm-hmm. You know the one. My shit don't stink, "check out my new car", and "How much is left on my charge card daddy?"

And I was just thinking "wow. I so hope that you get nailed by that cop." because she also had that "I don't ever get into trouble and I do whatever I want" look on her face, also translated to "When I was a sophomore I dated seniors and then I wrecked a Hurst 442 collector's car that my daddy gave me because I was so trashed. The EMT's found my car in the ditch and me in the passenger seat without a seatbelt on, passed out drunk." And then the whole "but I didn't get into trouble (no arrest, no tickets, everything hush hush) or anything because of my last name- so daddy rewarded my behavior and bought me a brand new purple/blue beretta instead." (It was probably an '86 or '87 Olds Cutlass Supreme Hurst 442, black with silver- red striped decals..... Beautiful. This is all hypothetically speaking, of course.)

So on the way back from lunch, just 15 minutes later, low and behold... MILF was pulled over AND getting a ticket from a dashing young officer who obviously knew her type. I am guessing that he was the guy who the football players made fun of in high school and he probably took one look at her and thought "You're the bitch that wrecked the Hurst 442. You are getting a ticket today." But I am sure she paid cash... right? Or maybe she just thought she would be back to the squad car and sort it all out with him?

LOL. Okay done now. How's that for judgemental?


Michelle said...

You are hilarious! You should be a writer! How's this for a cop story - I got a ticket after pumping gas at a gas station (never left the pump) for a citation that I already paid for a year ago. Now I have to go to court and try to prove I already paid it. Damn small town cops, nothin better to do than scope out the plates of cars getting gas. GRRR

Desiree said...

FYI, it's only entrapment when you prove you would not have normally done something the police asked you to do. Generally, this applies to drug buy cases where an undercover sells to someone, who the undercover "pressured" into buying. Sorry, I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all, but I recently had to learn that for the Bar. And, I figured an educated lady such as yourself would enjoy the definition.

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