Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Poison Spaghetti

Last night was a good night. I got home and started supper- Railroad Tracks (BBQ Ribs in a Box) and Baked Potatoes (a sweet potato for me!) and then we watched a little TV. I watched Monday's episode of CSI Miami, and we gave H a hard time. H as in our dog. I wanted to name him Horatio after Horatio Cane but He didn't look like a Horatio at all (not that David Caruso does) and so we called him Hadley with "H" for short. So I was telling H to pay attention to the TV and take a bite out of crime, and husband clarified for me that H couldn't solve a crime, he just isn't that intelligent. I beg to differ, if dog bones were at stake, he would tear someone's head off for them. He is very posessive of things like bones, beds, babies, and bowls. I think that comes from a shelter background. When you've been in the pen for a while, you protect what's yours. I can respect that.

Alex came over and he and Evan played Bully, although it looked more like Alex playing and Evan watching. I was online for a while perusing eBay, and I recalled that I forgot to setup the power bill payment online. Shit Shit Shit. So I look and it was due today, which meant it wasn't due (last night) until Tomorrow. But when I scheduled an online payment, it takes 2 days to process. So today husband has to run a check to the payment center. Oops.

Once I got bored with watching them make out with teenage girls in catholic school uniforms (on the GAME, they play kids in the game) I went into the scrapbook room and broke out the All About You album that I need to make about husband. I got started and I quite enjoyed it. It's a great album. Perhaps even better than the All About Me Album that got auto-delivered from QVC and finished months ago. I got the first 12 pages and the last page done, so that's 13/20 pages complete. I still have some journaling to do. Everytime I would journal I would cry. Isn't that retarted. Yep, Love is grand. But I found some good pictures of husband to use in the album, mostly ones that I took of him on our honeymoon, and our wedding day, but some others too. I have one somewhere of him in someone else's Austin Powers Wig with his baseball hat on over it and a beer in his hand... and I need to find that one for the book, it would be perfect.

We watched some tivo'd episodes of Robot Chicken and Freak Show, and one of Awesome X. We ate popcorn and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at 2:15am and then we went to bed. I slept like a rock, not waking up till 9:30 and not getting OUT Of bed till 10:10am. Yeah!

Got dressed, stopped at the bank, got to work. Whole deal.

Oh and I have a soft vertical impaction of my bottom right wisdom tooth. At least that's my professional diagnoses based off internet research. My wisdom tooth has been making me wiser for about 4 years now, cutting through and going under, and one month I got tired of it so I cut off the skin over half of it. I thought that the front half of it MIGHT be underneath the molar in front of it, but then last night I feel the back half coming through. Problem is, it is still just barely too close to the molar in front of it, and so for about the last 6 months, it has been forcing my molars crooked on that side and pushing my perfectly straight teeth crooked and forward and crowding my bottom front teeth. Bummer. So I made a dentist's appointment about 3 weeks ago, and last night I was thinking "not going to make it!" it was hurting so bad, and actually the teeth in FRONT Of it were hurting the worst. And the gums around them. So I flossed alot. And used Orajel alot. And November 3rd I go to get some xrays where they will probably tell me to get it pulled, and I might not even fight it. If it's impacted, there's nothing I can do.

So, that's the word.

My piratey mary janes came in today. Hold Hot Shoes Batman! But there is the whole 3.5 inch heel thing, where you feel like a stripper without the S, as in you might trip on your ass at any minute. I tried them on this morning with my pirate socks and they are SWEET! But not sure if I will be able to wear them unless it's for Halloween and I am parked on a bar stool. LOL. I totally need to take in my pirate skirt this week, and get new cookie sheets as for some reason my wearever cookie sheet seems shot. It burns everything. I don't get it. It is about 7 years old.... but I didn't know they could just "quit" on you. I don't understand. I made up a shopping list and It reads like this:
  • Paper Towels
  • Sticks of Butter
  • Bottled H2O
  • Hamburger
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Poison
Yep. Poison. Looks like I am cooking up some death burgers, but really we just have mice in the basement again, and the poisons are empty.... so time to refill. Husband's life is safe. You can totally eat spaghetti with us. It's okay. Really.

Have a Nice Day!


PCinAZ said...

OMG! Wearever cookie sheets in a PC-addict home!!! The metal pan exterminator shall strike your kitchen and remove all of them so that you no longer bake cookies on metal. LOL! Had to comment ya know! Love the poison spaghetti though!

dazed said...

You know, cookies are the ONLY food that I don't cook on stoneware. I have always had screwed up cookies on stoneware. I can't bake soft and chewy cookies, they always have this crispy browned outside that I hate. I have always stuck with Wearever with my cookie sheets! LOL

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