Monday, October 09, 2006

Is that an Apple in your pocket, or are you.....

Wearing: Pink Button Down with sparkly silver threads and pearl snaps. New Graphite colored dress pants from Old Navy, Black Loafers, pink earrings, wedding ring.
Listening: Evanescence because it reminds me of vampires in love

I am not especially thrilled that it's Monday. I am especially thrilled that it's cleaning peeps Monday, because SOMEONE needs to vacuum my house and clean it up. The dog hair is about to choke me. But since I spent the weekend horse-assing around, I didn't get a whole lot accomplished. I told husband that I wasn't getting anything accomplished, and he said "Meagan, that's okay! You don't have to accomplish EVERY day!" and I felt a little better. But still.

I cried allot last night. For lots of reasons, and for no apparent reason. All at once. I don't know that men have those days, but women have those days when they just need a good cry. A book or a movie can set it off, but it almost always has to be when you are alone, otherwise someone tries to comfort you and you stop crying when really all you want to do is bawl while you match pairs of socks.

So today my eyes are kinda sore and swollen, which almost never happens to me. I made myself a chai latte this morning, in my new Trudeau pink to go cup. Who ever thought that you could love a cup so much. I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond when I went with Anya. It was like $14.00 and it truly IS Spill proof. I can put milk and "Oh My! Chai" mix together in it, screw on the lid and shake shake shake to mix it up. Then I can pop open the "drink top" and you can drink from any side. It's awesome. I really wanted the pink boxing gloves, so I could spar and kick some ass. But that's just not practical I suppose. Although I think I would make an excellent boxer, seeing how an ex-boyfriend once got me cornered and took a swing at my face, but I saw it coming and ducked. He hit the wall behind me. I was so pissed that I stood up and gave him a left hook right under the eye and then (like a true girl) I ran like a bat out of hell up the stairs, right past his family, out the front door, and down the sidewalk where I ran right into my friend Michael and said "TAKE ME HOME BEFORE HE CATCHES ME AND KILLS ME." I had been seriously panicking because when I got outside I knew I didn't have a car to leave in, and I didn't know how the hell I was going to get away from him once he wasn't too stunned to come after me, but I got super lucky that Michael had just pulled up to visit. The ring that I had on cut my ex under his eye and he had a shiner. So see, if I hadn't had an ex that thought that picking up his girlfriend and throwing her across the room was acceptable, I wouldn't have learned how to swing a punch and take a cheap shot at his balls. Ahh, a healthy relationship. I think it would be cool to take a self defense class and just beat the shit out of some guy in a padded suit. I bet that would be good exercise and stress relieving. I think that this agression that I have deep down inside is the reason that my husband says no one in their right mind would want to kidnap me. Between being loud and mouthy and not afraid to hit back, he has always said I would be a big pain in a kidnappers ass.

I saw this great you tube movie over at Matt's place. It's totally worth watching. Careful where you watch, It does use the terms oral sex, hand job, and intercourse. LOL.

You know, now that I think about it, I kinda have a headache today.

This weekend Anya and I took Ava to Tanner's Orchard and I bought a picture for the living room, a swag to go over it, and then the customary Apple Cider Donuts, Johnathan apples, and Apple Cider. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond and Old Navy (where I got a pair of adorable jeans and the black dress pants I have on today) and we ate at Fazoli's. I love the jeans I bought because the front pockets are lower, and more cargo like, and they have back flap pockets like Cargo khakis. They fit GREAT and stay up with a belt, and look good... plus I can fit a whole apple into the front pocket! How cool is that! I think that over the weekend, when I wore them, I had three apples in the pocket (not at once, just over the course of the weekend.) It was great to actually be able to FIT something useful into your pocket. I am one of those people that, when walking from room to room, is always multi-tasking and carrying more things than an octopus should carry. And I would always be so happy that I could stuff an apple in my pocket so that when I got to where I was going, there would be one. Of course this morning I will have to carry two apples on top of my purse since I have to wear dress pants to work.

Can you believe the forecast is calling for SNOW here this week? Illinois. Go figure. Ground temps will be too warm to get any actual accumulation, but it's supposed to be in the 20's overnight like Wednesday and Thursday. Today is supposed to be the only warm day this week, and tomorrow the cool front moves in. I am really glad husband gave me a birthday coat a little early! I left the windows open today at home, but it sounds like they will be shut and the heat will come on in a couple of days. Bummer. But it probably won't last long.

Saturday night, I went out for supper with my friend Heather, to Mi Margarita's in Peru. It was especially tasty, as usual. I had chicken and steak combo fajitas. I love me some fajitas. Then we went to the mall for a bit, and I bought a cute denim blazer and a necklace and bracelet that matched. AND they had my hairspray on sale at JC Penney, when I went through to use the bathroom, you got a root treatment and hairspray for $15.00, which is awfully cheap. Half price basically. Not to mention that in Princeton, the hairspray is marked up allot more and it costs $19.99 alone. So I got more hairspray since I had just run out.

Let's see, what other useless bumbling crap can I blabber about?

I watched Desperate Housewives last night, and honestly I just wasn't into it. I don't know why, but I just didn't really care. Musta been my mood. But I enjoyed the Girls Next Door (Kendra's 21st Birthday in Vegas.) The cake that Hef had made for her was ADORABLE! Jealous! Then I watched the episode of South Park where they are trying to save the World of Warcraft. Husband used to play warcraft on the computer, but not online, and we have some friends that are pretty intense online gamers, to the point of being ridiculous. So it was really quite hilarious. I enjoyed it. I also watched the Season Premire of Drawn Together on Comedy Central. It was good. I love that cartoon, it's parodies make me think of Family Guy just a teeny bit. I have a Drawn Together T-shirt that has Foxxy Love and Princess Clara making out, and it always freaks people out. It says "drawn together" and everyone doesn't know that's the name of the cartoon so they think the shirt means I am a lesbian. LOL. Cracks me up. If you don't know what I mean, watch the music video of their makeout session here where Foxxy Love sings "I 'm frenching this racist ho" and Captain Hero Sings "I can't believe I've only been here a day and I'm already in a three-way." It's freaking hilarious. Of course the Princess is a parody of most disney princesses, who express their emotions via song. The show is hilarious. I think that my favorite character is Ling Ling, who is like a spin-off of Pikachu from the Pokemon or Japanese Pocket Monsters. I was a huge fan of Pikachu, and have TONS of Pikachu merchandise, including a pikachu camera, a pikachu electronic pocket monster, and TONS of action figures and stress balls, along with a great big Stuffed Pikachu. I love how Ling Ling's tail is an exclamation point instead of a lightening bolt, and how he talks in sub-titles. It cracks me up. You can watch lots of videos of Ling Ling in action on his profile page. My favorite is the sweat shop video where Spanky Ham makes Ling Ling sew shoes for money, and Ling Ling reminisces (with song) of happier times with his master (who looks amazingly like Ash with a triangular Pokeball. LOL.)

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