Thursday, October 26, 2006

Takin' Care of Business HNT

Takin' Care of Business HNT, originally uploaded by Dazed81.

Well, today I am takin' care of business. I am wearing a suit (which rarely ever happens these days) with matching jacket and pants, grey with pink pinstripes, and black heeled loafers. Very professional, wouldn't you say? Now let's get down to business, shall we?

Last night I ended up working late (till 9:30pm) with unexpected computer problems. After work, Anya brought me some baked Mostaccoli that she had made for supper, and I was SOOO grateful because I was SOOO hungry! I hadn't eaten for 9.5 hours! Again, exhausted, I ate and we chatted, and then I took a nice hot bubble bath. Ahhh. Then (even though I wanted to go to bed) I decided that I Needed to enter all the checking transactions into Quicken and balance the last two statements. so at 1:30, my pretty little head finally hit the pillow.

I had some messed up dreams, perhaps as a resuly of watching The Lost Boys on Cable while balancing the checkbook. You know how I like Vampires and all that.

I dreamed that my mom left my dad (what?) and that she moved to Galena (where Anya is from) and lived with a Woman and her husband and two kids, in this great big cool house like the ones we saw in bishop hill, and she was going to open up a business in the house. Strange. Strange Strange. And there were more dreams but that's the only one that sticks in my mind.

Have a great HNT!


keda said...

yes odd dreams! but a very slick and sexy picture.

happy hnt babe :)

AndyT13 said...

Oooh you're so business-like! :-) HHNT!

LushlyMe said...

Very nice! HHNT!

Anonymous said...

sexy in a suit

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