Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Bathrobe.

Since I was in training on Thursday and Friday, this weekend feels unbelievably too good to be true, long and satisfying. I know that today is the end. Yesterday I cleaned around home, particularly picking up the living room, vacuuming and dusting. And the kitchen. Today I really need to do the office. I did pick up the scrapbook table a bit last night, and then I made the three woman themed ATC's that I am so terribly behind on. I wrote a little apology note to my recipient and called her "jean" when later I discovered (after the enelope was sealed and addressed) that I should have been addressing her as Jenn. Damn.I got the pictures from Anya yesterday, that I took when we went to Tanner's orchard. I also had prints made and am prepared to scrapbook them. I am strange that way. I always thought that I liked to scrapbook. I have every tool of the trade. But it takes me FOREVER to create a page. I stress and toil and fret about every aspect of it, and I can spend 4 hours designing a 2-page spread. It's not really relaxing. But give me a pre-matched paper and embellishment packet and I have a ball with it. It's become that I only scrapbook about 1/8th of what I should. But scrapbooking takes so LONG and I don't have much time. My wedding was 1 year ago and I have one shower, dress shopping, and a bachelorette spa day done. I still have another shower, the trip to Vancouver (14 days and HUNDREDS of pictures) and then the weddingp pics themselves (LOTS of them) and then the reception too (like 200 pictures there.) And I know I am behind. But it doesn't get my ass in gear. I realize now, after several years of scrapbooking attempts, that I am a lover of 8x8. 12x12 can kiss my ass. I don't have the time or the attention span to do 12x12. I get so frustrated that it is taking SO LONG because I am SO PARTICULAR and anal about it all. 8x8 pages just seem to fly by and you have an album in a heartbeat. I love it. But until I fill my 12x12 album.... I am stuck. And that will be a long time unless I have to go on disability and I can sit home and scrapbook all day. Then I could crank out some major stuff. Ahh... a person can dream.

I just baked some chocolate chip cookies, and the candles are burning. The dogs are lounging in the living room. And I, still in my robe. All is well.

Stuff Hung on the Wall in the living room
Trip to Tanner's Orchard

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Anonymous said...

Morn! Here by way of Bug's @AIS...lovely babe in the flowers...I did the same to both my children on several occasions...until Bug made an extrememly ugly face to show her extreme displeasure!
Good blog here, had fun the layout!

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