Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I bought them. I know, I know. I totally remember vowing that I would NEVER wear legwarmers. But these are DIFFERENT! They are! Look. Look at how freaking CUTE they are. They are like "bootcut" legwarmers with cute buttons. LOL. I like the laced up ones too, but I bought the striped ones.


keda said...

i can't read what you wrote as the page is taking sooooooooooo loooooong to load.

but i can see the legwarmers. and i LOVE!

i wear them all the time. feel a bit naked without them nowadays actually.

kisses babe.

Mon said...

those are cute...those pics look like some sort of kiddie porn. Does that just mean my mind is in the gutter? Not...that I look at kiddie porn. Seriously. Ok, i'll drop it. Cute legwarmers!

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