Friday, October 20, 2006

Call Me, Call Me Call Me Anytime!

You know, yesterday was a LONG ASS DAY. My brain was exhausted. There was so much going on at work it was unbelievable. Although I believe that I was one of the few that LOOKED untouched by it all, (others were running around like headless chickens) By the end of the day I was so exhausted that I realized that it can be especially difficult to maintain that smooth veneer. Whew! I didn't leave work until 8:30pm and I didn't get home to my house until almost 10:45pm.

Husband and I went to Country Kitchen for supper at 9pm (they have a fabulous new menu, I had Cilantro Chicken Flatbread) and I was letting out great big sighs. He was like "what's wrong" and I told him about my day. I said "you know how you take your straw wrapper and you coil it up like a snail shell? And then when you let it go, it unrolls itself and relaxes? That is my brain. All day it's been coiled up so tight and I can just feel it trying to relax."

I slept in today, when I usually get up early on Fridays so that I don't have to stay so late on Friday nights. But today I was so tired I didn't even CARE if I had to stay late.

Tonight we were scheduled to have a pumpkin carving night at my mom's, but my sister (who works two jobs) will be working too much to attend, and Evan just found out last night that he will be in the fields for most of the weekend. So mom and I decided to postpone and wait for rain. Saturday we are going to the Haunted Fairgrounds in Princeton. Now please note, I have NEVER been to a haunted house with the exception of in a barn once when I was younger at a Halloween party. I HATE not being in control and therefore the haunted anything creeps me out. It's not that I am afraid of the things inside, I am more afraid of not being able to control where I go and all that jazz. SO this should be interesting. I keep telling myself that I made it through the Alien "ride" by Stephen Spielberg at Disney (even though husband DRUG me inside against my crying whining will) and therefore I should easily be able to handle a little of this, right?

So today I am in a pretty good mood. I thought I was going to get to wear my new Pirate Mary Janes to work for casual Friday. I waited for the UPS man to come. When he brought the shoes from Zappos, I was SO disappointed because only husband's were shipped. So now I have to wait for my pirate mary janes until probably at LEAST monday. oh dear. So I wore my stripey socks and my regular mary jane's, in defiance. The cool thing about Zappos? Besides the obviously HUGE selection of shoe sin every shape size color and price range? The free shipping both ways. And free exchanges for 365 days if the shoes are still unworn. Yeah.

Yesterday I ordered new business cards, (personal cards, whatever.... my job doesn't warrant business cards apparently, but I can't complain because personal cards are SO much more fun. So here's a screenshot of the front and back of my new personal cards. I can't wait for them to arrive! Obviously a saucy pirate theme. Click to make the picture big enough to read the details. I have obviously swirled and twirled my street address and telephone number to try to avoid internet stalkers from coming to haunt me. So How's THAT for a calling card?

I figure I can send them off with my swapbot swaps, and my ATC's, and all that jazz. It's great really, because I met a new friend at a recent class that I took in Peoria and I was so upset that I didn't have a card to give her. I haven't bought any cards since I stopped selling Pampered Chef and since I got married and changed my name. SO this was especially fun. I ordered them yesterday and they already shipped! Yeah! So now I will have them in time for the wearing of my pirate costume, so I can give out calling cards if I so choose! Oh, and if you feel like you want some cool business/personal cards like that, you can always order them through me, I get a $2.00 order credit for each person I refer, and I have been ordering business/personal cards from this company for over 7 years straight and have ALWAYS been estatic with my order. Click Here to order cards and other printed products (magnets, stationary, re-inkable stampers, etc) with my referral.

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