Monday, October 23, 2006

Like a Schoolgirl....

Ahhh. As my mind rests. Today was good and exhausting. I started out with tidying up around the homefront before the cleaning crew came through, then got cleaned up, took the dogs outside, got lunch and air in my tire, and drove to Peoria for my Mentored Learning course on ASP.NET- which is anticipated to take a total of 40 hours to complete. Of course after an hour in the class, I was like SHIT. Looks like there was a prerequisite listed at the beginning of the $150.00 5-inch thick coursebook that they "forgot" to mention when they recommended the class to me. A majorly big and important one that was preventing me from understanding 50-60% of the terminology in the class, and 90% of the Visual Studio Program that I was supposed to be using for design. So after a frustrated conversation in the hallway on my cell phone, a meeting of the minds with my account representative (like a guidance counselor), and ANOTHER cell phone conversation.... and now instead of 40 hours to complete, I have 90 hours to complete.

Whew!~ So I then started the mentored learning course Exploring Visual Studio.Net and once I finish that one I will move on to Introduction to Programming, and then I will resume the original Microsoft Course 2310B Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications Using Virtual Studio.NET - so today (despite a late start on the new course of choice and losing 2.5 hours) I got AHEAD of schedule by 4 hours. You see, Mentored Learning is kind of like a video conference, except I have dual monitors and headphones and an interactive web-based training that consists of lessons, lectures (with an actual instructor) followed by labs and quizzes. So I was able to finish 1.5 days worth of training in 1 days time. Which is nice.

The course I started (second) today didn't have a book, so I went to Office Max in search of a multiple subject notebook. I knew I wanted to find one with tabs, so that I could actually use a section for each class. These are pretty heavy duty classes, and although I usually don't take down notes, unless it's a snippet of code here or there that I want to remember for later use, or a website for reference, these classes are intense enough to warrant notes. Especially since they are mentored. I make lots of notes on things to google and research later, and places to download more information and tutorials.

I had a hard time chosing notebooks so I bought two. Of course, they were $8 a pop. One of them I started using already, it has 5 dividers, but the coolest thing, is that it works and looks like a notebook but has removeable pages like a binder. It comes with looseleaf paper and you can just add more as needed, which I like cuz if I want to add, subtract, or re-arrange pages, I can. It also has a clear sheet protector with a tab for each divider, so I can put the course outline and information in the sleeve for a divider... which is perfect. I also got a pack of new pens, since I was feeling all "back to school."

I was even able to wear my glasses today, except that the one lens keeps popping out. I have only had them a year, and I really barely remember to wear them, so that is frustrating. Need to get them fixed!

I have to mention today that Keith Urban is hot. Rehab or not. Maybe even hotter in Rehab. And I can't think of a single song he sings and I don't care. Madonna and the whole adoption thing? Honestly, do these rich chicks NEED to be adopting up all the babies in the world when there are women who can't have kids who would love to adopt? If Madonna wants to give the kid a good home and has all this money to spare, why not support a family who can't have kids and help them afford to adopt a baby? Jeez. Like she and Angelina Jolie need more kids. When Britney Spears starts adopting, I draw the line. And, I TOTALLY missed a critical piece in the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son. I didn't realize that when he died he was visiting her in the hospital because she HAD A BABY! Jeez! No one mentioned that! I swear! How was she preggo for 9 months and I didn't hear about it? And now the guy who claims he is the father is calling her to the Bahamas for a paternity test? Sounds like her life is NOT a good place to be!

I learned that when you are in a mentored learning class, it is best to have a large supply of chapstick, apply and re-apply often. And caffeine. And more caffeine. And gum.

I also learned that I was made for second shift. 1-10pm is the perfect schedule! Love it! Even with a 1 hour drive each way, it's highly tolerable. Love it! Too bad my husband was especially cranky when I got home. Oh well. I will just steer clear of him. And I will ignore the fact that he gave the dogs each a rawhide bone which they proceeded to shred all over the living room floor and the rug when the cleaning people were just here today.

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