Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hey La, Day La, My husband's back!

Wearing: Black Skirt, Black Tank Top, Denim Blazer, Black heeled Mary Janes, Black Beaded cuff bracelet, silver and black earrings, pewter haunted house pin.
Listening: Boogie, Oogie, Oogie by A Taste of Honey (I didn't CHOOSE to listen to it, it was just on the radio when my alarm went off this morning. I need to change the station obviously.)
Link of the Day: Chick needs to invest in some dixie cups!

You're a big man now, but he'll cut you down to size....

So husband comes back tonight. Yeah! So happy! I think. It's like before he left I was all "this will be great! I will get so much DONE! I will relax!" and really, I have. But still it sucked to be all alone. Brad and Anya were gone over the weekend too, so it made it double hard. But Anya brought me Homemade chicken pot pie for supper last night, which was super nice and a great comfort. And I did some yoga, which was great. Watched some adult entertainment. Also great. Washed the mini-blind in the bathroom... not great but at least that's done! Hand washed my travel mug to prepare for a new day, and my dishes from supper. I washed the shower curtain in the bathroom and the bathroom window valance. Fed the dogs and put a new bag of dog food in the food bin. I cleared off the bed, put on a clean comforter, and watched some Roseanne Marathon. I drank Hazelnut Hot Cocoa and drifted off into a lovely sleep.

Being Tuesday, I am reminded of things I am behind of. Icky. Later this week I go to Peoria for training, which means messed up hours. The hours of "other people." Ugh. I am such a non-conformist.

Last night I watched the New Adventures of Old Christine. It was excellent. Her son Richie was taken to church by his father and his father's girlfriend, and Christine was very upset. I could SO relate to the way she discussed her experiences with church, and when she went to church and everyone stared at her instead of welcoming her, and didn't accept her sense of humor... It was like "there it is! A perfect example of the reasons I loathe organized relgion!" It made me think of the politics of church and the way people say that everyone is loved and welcome.... and how organized christian religion is still so judgemental and materialistic. No wonder I am attracted to religions who practice meditation and simplicity, and love for all creatures. When I went to church, it was all about what you wore and where you sat and what you drove, and how much you donated. And God doesn't give a shit about any of that. And I don't need a male minister who has never been married or had kids to tell me the right way to have a family and sustain a relationship. How screwed up is that? So anyway, excellent episode.

Still waiting for my halloween costume. I just have to galavant around with my pirate hat on because I am so upset. This morning on the way to work, I was listening to Flyleaf. I started thinking (for some odd reason) if my husband would look like a pirate if I put eyeliner on him like Johnny Depp. However, I know that I will probably never know. Although when we were FIRST dating, way back when, he was in a play and the makeup artist put mascara and blush on him because he was supposed to be a child... and he bitched and moaned about how the mascara was bothering his eyes and he wanted it off and I was like Oh Puh-Lease! I wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I am still pretty messed up by the book. I often find myself thinking Edward Cullen would do this. Or Edward would like that. It's driving me mad. Each day I am able to let it go just a little bit more. I feel a little less stressed out by it, a little less wrapped up. Although this proves that I am still pretty obsessed. And the fact that I can't wait for the next book to come out.

I am anxious for my husband's plane to land and for him to get home. It makes me antsy and worried. I hate it when people I love fly. Whenever Carrie flies home I get so unnerved. I know that's crazy, but I always have to call her about an hour after her flight lands and make sure she is okay.

Did I mention how BORED I am?

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