Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I want a new drug.

In Local News: Woman tries to sell her son to cover a wedding dress debt
Wearing: Black Pants, Black Shirt with white stripes on sleeves, back tennis shoes with grey stripes. Messy hair. Mascara. Wedding Ring.
Listening: Flyleaf- I'm so sick

I can't hardly keep my eyes open today! I think it has something to do with husband coming home last night, and me not getting a whole lot of sleep. But believe me, I am not complaining!

I might just write this entire post in italics. It looks kinda slanted, like I am today.

I am seriously coveting an iPod nano for Christmas. Husband thinks he is getting me one. Of course, being the geek that I am, I want the black 8GB Nano, and he is fine with that. I am starting to get into podcasts and the coolest is that if you miss an episode of your favorite show (Grey's Anatomy per say) you can purchase it for like $1.99 and put it on your computer and your iPod and watch it at your convenience. It's awesome. Now if they were FREE, that would be even more awesome, but it's like "I could be on a plane, or in a car, and watching Grey's Anatomy, or Drawn Together, or Family Guy? HELL YEAH!" So. Nano I love you. I covet you. Please come to me.

Speaking of loving and coveting, I am trying to move on from Edward Cullen, but it's fantastically impossible. Last night when husband came home, he picked up the book and read the first chapter. He said "
I am intrigued" and this morning it was on his nightstand. Let's just say that in the 10 years I have known my husband I have seen him read TWO books. Ever. American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis and Fear and Loathing in America by Hunter S. Thompson. SO the fact that he read the first chapter. Amazing. I know that he has read CS Lewis and all kinds of fantasy books in his childhood, but as a rule, husband reads magazines and bathroom readers, and perhaps the occasional Role Playing or Mythical Guide of some sort. I had a strict discussion that if he was going to read the book, he was going to READ it. He has a history of skipping around or only reading the end of books, and then pissing me off with his "opinion" and I am like YOU TOTALLY CANNOT GIVE AN OPINION ABOUT A BOOK YOU HAVEN'T READ! Jackass! And his other cute trick is to have his friend John work like a stack of Cliffnotes- and then later husband tries to give his opinion or an intelligent conversation about a book with me and I want to KILL him. So I told him, I won't let you ruin this book for me. Either read it, or put it down and don't open your mouth about it to me.

I am excited that for the first time in 10 years he COULD potentially
actually read a book that I have read and be able to conversate about it. Potentially.

I am sick of italics. It was fun while it lasted.

Oh Edward Cullen, it's so hard to let go!
But I have started Marlena DeBlasi's A Thousand Days In Tuscany, which I have had forever. I read her A Thousand Days In Venice, and it was great, if not a painful reminder that the one place I want to visit so badly is beyond my reach financially, and that I would never get whistled at by hot italian men with wavy dark hair and piercing eyes dressed in creamy colored suits and italian leather shoes. And I will never carry bread back to my Tuscan home from a bread baker in the piazza (pronounced pjatsa). I will probably never get to wear an apron in a floury kitchen with cobblestone floors, where wonderful italian women with lines on their faces will make Tortellini with me and drink wine. And even more devestating, because I am from America, where we only learn English, I won't be able to understand the language of love when it is spoken to me. Ahhh.

So while reading in the tub last night, I remembered that I think PG (who is italian, if I could just say his last name here, you wouldn't doubt me for a second) bought CD's to learn italian, before his trip recently. He brought me back a beautiful scarf that I just love to death. I don't get many chances to wear a scarf, but I love to tie it around my head or wear it as a shirt (that's how large it is) whenever I am at home alone. It's very satiny and there are pictures of the Coliseum and other fabulous Italian Landmarks, in browns and blues and golds. I thought to myself, I wonder if PG would let me borrow said Italian CD's, to rip into my iTunes and put on my new iPod. I mean christ people, no one even pronounces Bruchetta correctly here in Illinois. Me included up until very recently. [brus╦łket.ta]

I thought to myself, If I am going to be obsessed with italian cooking, drinking wine (and not in a wine snob way) drooling over italian men, baking bread at home, and making my own homemade tortellini, It might not be a bad idea to get myself ready, just in case, I ever get to visit Pienza in Tuscany, and stay in a beautiful rose colored bed and breakfast where men ride by on bicycles with baskets full of parcels. Why not learn a little italian? Maybe it will get my mind off Edward Cullen? Although I am SURE that Edward would be most impressed if I could speak Italian, just in case I need to come face to face with the Volturi someday. Right. Italian. We were talking about Italian. Not vampires. *Ahem* Cough. How can one mythical vampire inside my head be more beautiful than Italy? Not possible, right? Back on Topic!

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