Sunday, October 08, 2006

Read Read Read Read Read it!

I read the best book last night. I want to say "ever." Right there, I want to say "the best book ever" but I don't know if I can ever ever make that statement with a world full of books left unread, because I take that statement every seriously. And even though if I said "ever" you would roll your eyes, I would totally mean it. If it weren't for the books unread. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

It all started at wal-mart yesterday, where I perused the book aisle as usual. The cover instantly caught my eye. (I know, I know.) Completely black with a small silver gothic looking title. twighlight. All lowercase. Pale smooth beautiful hands cradling a bright red apple. New York Times Bestseller. The reviews (amazon included) were AMAZING. It was like $6.00, in-expensive for a book that is 4 inches thick (literally!) I had to have it. Even if I just sat at home and stared at the cover. it was worth $6.

Last night around 9:53 I got back to Wyanet from dinner out with Heather. I threw on pajamas, and curled on the couch with the book. I didn't stop, not even to change laundry, until 4:30am. This book caused me pain and heartache. It was arousing and sensual. You know that tight feeling in your chest when you finish watching the notebook? I still have that tight feeling 5.5 hours of sleep later. It's like I can't focus on anything... and I want to run to Wal-mart and buy the second book NOW, in my pajamas, with my hair all sticking out and my eyes wild. I have NEVER been that drawn into a book. Never. Not DaVinci Code, not Wicked, Not Harry Potter.

It is a modern book but it has all the classic elements of books like Wuthering Heights and The Scarlet Letter. Lady Chatterly's Lover. This book is POWERFUL. It's sexual. It's romantic. And although it's about vampires, it is the most REALISTIC!

I am going to give you the most basic storyline I can, more than the book's monologue reveals, without spoiling the story. It's about a young woman who meets a young man. She is instantly drawn to him. He is exquisite. Like a Greek god. Pale Skin, Flashing eyes that change from gold to the blackest black. She has amazing poise. When she locks eyes with him, the look that he sends her gives her chills. He looks as though he hates her, although he has never met her before. It unsettles her and she is unexplainably drawn to him. He avoids her and then disappears for days and she can't figure out why she can't function because all she does is look for him. When he returns, he suddenly speaks to her and smiles at her and she is intranced. You could say love and fascination at first sight. But every time he physically gets too close to her, or if she brushes his hand, his eyes turn a deep black and flash with anger and he storms away. Then he saves her life (the first of MANY times that he tries to protect her.) But he saves her in a way that is IMPOSSIBLE for any human to do. It's then she knows, that he isn't human. When she questions him, he doesn't answer and tries to get away. But he can't help himself, he can't stay away from her. He is conflicted. He warns her to stay away from him.

The more she gets to know him, she uncovers that he is a vampire, but by then it's too late. She loves him so much that she doesn't care. Her life is in danger every moment she is with him, but it kills her to be away from him. His particular clan has discovered a way to control their hunger, and live among humans successfully without hunting them. But she is his greatest weakness, he could smell her the first time he saw her, and he wanted to bite her more than he had EVER wanted any human, but he was so attracted to her that he wanted to protect her. He had to protect her from himself. They fall in love. In over 100 years he has NEVER felt this strong for anyone. Finally, he doesn't have to be alone. But he can't get too close to her, because if he relaxes for just a second too long, he will kill the one thing that he loves the most. If another vampire doesn't get to her first.

Oh my god. It's the kind of book that sends chills down your spine. It makes you want to find your lover, cuddle up next to them without a word, and have them hold you. It makes you want to be with them and never let them out of your site. It makes you want to have sex, and it makes you want a vampire of your very own. And yes I am aware of how crazy I seem. Perhaps I have been bitten...

PS I knew when I read this that this book was SO excellent, there wasn't a chance that it would get away without becoming a movie. This had me so disappointed and upset that I was losing sleep. And sure enough, MTV has until April 2008 to purchase the rights as it has been optioned for a movie. And of course, the author mentions on her website, that she has no say in the people chosen to play the parts, and no say in anything about the movie, and it sickens me, to say the least, that a story so amazing will become commercialized and streamlined for the big screen.

UPDATE: This book has had a hold on me all day. I was all twitchy and nervous and couldn't function. I went to Wal-Mart and bought the "sequel"- book 2 "New Moon" and started reading it at around 1:30pm today. I didn't stop until 7pm, when I finished it. I am feeling much calmer and relaxed now... although the story is far from over (there are two more books in the making right now) The second book left me feeling more relaxed and calm and I am able to function again. I was telling husband about it this afternoon and I also started to feel much more relaxed when I was able to tell him that I love him and talk about the book a tiny bit.

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