Monday, October 16, 2006

Don't Piss off a Pirate!

Wearing: SeXy Red Babydoll shirt with a Ruched Bust and 3/4 sleeves, black dress pants, black heeled loafers, red beaded earrings, black and red headband.
Watching: The New Adventures of Old Christine

Today was a hard day. I worked hard. I crawled around on the floor, under desks, moving PC's. I moved 8 computers complete with all accessories, and one laser printer. Whew. Tired.

Tonight Evan and I cleared of two tables in my sewing room and took the legs off. Then we carried them to the garage so that someone could pick them up tomorrow morning. Selling them back to the "employer" that I bought them from. Long story. Translates into a lot of work on our end.

Last night I watched the newest episode of Men in Trees, and then Desperate Housewives. I have to tell you, that I am more excited and entertained by Men in Trees than I am by Desperate Housewives these days. I love Men in Trees. And when Jack fought his own brother over Marin, I was like "yes!"

It rained today, which I was actually quite okay with. It was kind of fitting. This weekend Evan and I are going to carve pumpkins over at mom's and order pizza for supper. Mom bought me Pirates of the Carribbean pumpkin carving patterns. There is a Captain Jack pattern and also a pirate ship. I can not wait. She almost bought me a big jolly roger pirate flad to fly out front on Halloween, to go with my costume. I think I forgot to mention that my costume arrived, and it was too small (too short, I am tall and my ass hung out {literally}) and the dagger was broken in half. So I tried to contact the eBay seller, and of course, they ignored me.

First time I have ever had a problem buying on eBay, and it wasn't really a huge one. But I am out $45.00 (not counting shipping, which you eat) and I did open a paypal dispute. The seller responded to paypal (even though they ignored two emails from me) by saying that I might have broken the dagger myself and that they had other people satisfied with the item. And of course I didn't pay for insurance, but I have learned from experience that filing an insurance claim with the US Postal Service is worse than filing your taxes, and you almost never get through it. So I only buy insurance on expensive items, like a computer. And why would I purchase insurance on a costume, that isn't breakable. The dagger cost like $1 at a dollar store (it was really cheap) so I wouldn't even begin to go through a paypal claim AND pay return shipping on a costume that I need, if I broke a dollar store dagger?

So now I wait for Paypal to make their decision. Today when I went to the seller's feedback, I see that they *suddenly* have 3 "neutral" feedbacks all added to their account today. And the way the seller responds to the feedback, NOT GOOD. The seller turns around and slanders the buyer on their own profile, and leaving slanderous feedback for another ebay member as a way to get back at them for their feedback is a big ebay no no. Not to mention petty and ridiculous. One of the neutral feedbacks they received said "Item too small and short to wear" and I was like BAM! Aha! So I am not the only one. And I hope that the paypal mediator sees that.

So I did get another costume ordered, the one that I wanted to order in the beginning but obviously screwed up and ordered one that I was skeptical about. So, now I wait for the second costume to arrive. And my pirate hat and stripey socks sit calmly and wait for the rest. And of course since I bought my costume back at the end of August, I have found two more people in Wyanet who are going to be Pirate Wench's, and it makes me cranky.

Keep your fingers crossed that this pirate costume arrives swiftly and fits perfectly!

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