Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bureau County Paparazzi Strikes Again

Even more so since I got my new camera, I have fully become the Bureau County Paparazzi. You can always find me taking pictures. Today on my way to work I drove past the home of Lori's boss. First of all, let me say it was all I could do to not stop. But then I called Lori's sister CB (who I work with) and said OH MY GOD you have to see the Pirate and the AWESOME Pirate Flag at Lori's Boss's House! She said "you want it, don't you!" and I was like "well yeah, but more importantly I want to take a picture of it." She's like go back, they won't care. And I was worried that they would see me parked in their driveway and traipsing across their front yard with a camera and be upset. CB said go for it. So I whipped a shitty and went back. Is this not THE coolest Pirate Flag you have ever seen in your entire life? WHERE did they get this?! Not to mention the Pirate himself. WOW! So, for your viewing pleasure....And it was also all I could do to not take a picture of the lifesized Blues Brothers Statues that they always have on their upstairs "porch" - who are now wearing halloween masks and joined by an AWESOME lifesized Frankenstein. Okay, maybe I will have to go back and take pics of that too.... LOL!

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