Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dirty Whores wear Stripey Socks!

Tuesday. My "calling cards" arrived today. Haven't handed any out yet. Sad sad sad. Need to see some friends. Or meet some new people.

My legwarmers came last night. They are super cute, even though I am not a japanese chick with tiny feet. I tried them on with about 4 pair of shoes. I danced around. I laid in bed. They were fun. Not sure if and when I will wear them in public, but they are so cute!

You know what someone said to me the other day? Wow. Someone who has no room to talk, said (because I had striped socks on under my jeans with my mary janes) "Oh, so now that you got married you are a whore now?" Um. Okay. So now people who wear striped socks are whores? Wow. Guess I missed that memo.

Looking back, I guess that the fact that she has only known me for 4 years, and she has only known the "follow the work dresscode and do what the boss says" Meagan - when really the outside of work Meagan is as individual as you can get. But she doesn't know that?

I am as "I don't give a shit what you think" as I can be and still be polite and employeable.... and really I have worn stripey socks for so many years, it isn't even funny.... but since this person just saw them on me for the first time, and since I got married last year, apparently she coordinated that with "you just got married and turned into a whore."

What in the HELL is up with that? I wanted so badly to respond with "No, I've always been a whore." What the Fuck? So, all you stripey sock whores out there... watch your back.

I thought to myself.... wow. good thing I didn't wear my pirate mary janes to work. Good thing she has never seen my HNT posts. I am SUCH a dirty dirty whore (let's see how many google hits we can get on this post, shall we?)

She's really not gonna like when my red boots arrive or when I get my knee high argyle socks. And she's probably gonna hate me if I win those three schoolgirl skirts, or those black boots I have wanted for like 12 years and am finally bidding on. Yep, those will really make me a whore!

You know, everytime I get something funky and cute and young, my husband loves it. I get the ass grabbing, cop a feel hello's when he sees me, and It feels great to be recognized. I like to look good. What husband wouldn't want his wife to look good? And THAT makes me a whore too I suppose? LOL. People need to pay close attention to the meaning of whore. Really.

And even if I looked like a Harijuku girl from head to toe, that doesn't make me a whore. Whores sleep around, and last I checked, whores aren't known worldwide for their fashion sense.

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