Thursday, October 05, 2006

Today is My Friday!

Wearing: Old Navy Army Green Khakis, Camoflauge Chuck Taylor's, Eddie Bauer Fitted Brown Shirt with Eyelet Embroidery.
Link Of The Day: Cat Bowling Game

I am a grown up now. I own a coffee maker! I don't drink coffee, but last night husband and I bought a little coffee maker and some fresh ground Pumpkin Coffee. He really enjoyed it. My mom bitched that it was too bitter, so I told her to throw hers out, but Evan loved it. She looked at me like just because I don't DRINK coffee that I don't know how to make it... Pshaw. Whatever. I have been a SERIOUS Coffee bitch at two of my jobs. You don't just work at a grain elevator and not make 15 pots of coffee per day. I got so that I could even make the coffee based on who was hauling corn in and out for the day. I never let the coffee pot go dry. Those guys loved me. Whatever mom. Men Love my coffee. Husband loves my coffee. I am a hot coffee bitch.

I am soooo full. Don't you hate that? I almost never do that anymore, but today, I did. I am happy because today is my "friday" this week... although I am coming into work on Saturday for a little bit.

I am looking forward to this weekend, I will be enjoying some good quiet time in which I get to be very productive, working on crafts (ATC's and the "Sew My Name" Swap, and perhaps start the dollhouse) and also working on READING. If it were up to me, I could spend 5 hours a day reading and wouldn't even think twice about it. I plan on drinking lots of Tastefully Simple Chai Latte's, taking lots of bubble baths where I don't get out for HOURS, and perhaps I will even go sit in the hot tub every now and then. And I can watch porn. And I can run around in my pajamas. And I can do laundry and dishes and just plain ACCOMPLISH but RELAX at the same time. I got a new Yoga DVD and I plan on doing that too. I have lots of plans for the weekend, but none of them require me to go anywhere.

Today I signed up for the Flickr Colororiffic Swap-o-rama November Swap, the colors are apple creen, cotton candy pink, and burgundy. Ohhh yeah! I can't wait for that one! I also signed up for the "letter for me #7 swap" as I have participated in swaps #2-5.... but missed 6. AND I signed up for the Hometown Photography Swap. Now I am done. Signing up. I promise. I have to keep up with the three that I am late for! This Saturday I do plan on sending my fall swap (a little early, YEAH!) to Germany.

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