Friday, October 13, 2006

I love to sleep

Today was a LONG day. LOOONNNGGG. I got up at 6am, left home at 7am, got to Peoria for class just before 8am. Forced myself to listen (partially) throughout a day-long class of Access. Had a very nice lunch with a classmate (Mexican, fajitas are my weakness!) and drove home. Evan helped me hang up the rest of my stuff in the living room. We hung two shelves last night, and I hung my little black chair and my plate. Then tonight we hung a picture with a swag over it. It feels SO good to have everything hung up. The house is clutteres with things that have needed to get hung up since the remodeling last fall... and I am super pleased. There are only two things that we need to hang yet, that is until We get some different furniture and I know where I want the other stuff. But it clears up some clutter and looks nice. (see flickr for some pics)

I can say that the house is practically a wreck again. Spic and Span on Monday. Spic and Span on Tuesday. Then Evan came home. Now, it's a wreck. I am not BLAMING him, but together, we make a total disaster. He did wash dishes today, but there is stuff on every surface, the hamper is full, shoes all over, dirty socks. It will be a good thing if I get everything organized over the weekend. Ahhh... the weekend! Sleeping in! Especially after 5:30 and 6 am rises the past two days. I can't WAIT!

Tonight we went to a birthday party for Starr and Abigail, Eric's daughters. Starr is Evan's goddaughter. The girls got lots of neat gifts and we sat around and talked with Eric's family for a while. We stopped by Evan's grnadma's and chatted, and then went to Sheffield for supper (at 10pm) and I had an awesome Cheeseburger and Fries and 6&34. Yum!!! It was awesome. Now I am at home and going to go to sleep because I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open.

Ahhh.... weekend!

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c0y0te said...

Hi there,

I just thought I'd stop by to say 'hello' and to wish you well as my 'renter' this week. I've posted a quick pitch for your site so if my readers like it, you should get some traffic. Good luck.

"Howl @ The Moon!"

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