Tuesday, October 24, 2006

They'll Make You Take a Tinkle when you wanna take a Piss...

So today my husband mentioned something to me. I don't even believe him yet (no offense husband) but He said that the government is supposed to be voting this month on whether or not the FCC should regulate podcasts.

I was like WHAT?!?! Those Dirty Fucking SOB's! The FCC has no business regulating podcasts, or any internet content! What the HELL! I was so pissed. I said to him "They can't do that" and then I started googling. And I can't find that anywhere online.

I can find that people "murmur" that FCC might try to control VoIP, mainly since one texas teenager couldn't get 911 when she tried to dial from her home when burlgars broke in and shot her parents. I have to say that when I got Vonage, it was explained to me THOROUGHLY that I have to register my 911 address with my phone number, otherwise when I dial 911 they won't know where I am at. Makes sense. I registered my phone number with my address. Nuff said I assume?

I am seeing mention of YouTube as the (obviously, duh) next big thing in broadcasting. One of the BEST things about the internet, and youtube, and podcasts... They Aren't regulated! Hello! No Fella's at the Freakin' FCC! (When PTV is shut down by the FCC, it's a great song... you really should listen to it again if you have a moment!)

So, what do you know about this rumor of regulating podcasts and broadcasts via the internet. I must investigate. Please post links or comments if you know anything.

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