Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Wedding, Vancouver Vacation, and Day of the Dogs!

Today I am testing out my New Blog, and in addition to my new blog, I am testing out the word blogger, an add-on for word that allows you to blog and publish right from word. Hmmm… Wonder how I will like it?

Today is the day of the dogs! Our dogs Boyd and Hadley have vet appointments this evening at 4:30. Shots, flea/tick treatment, check-ups. Should be interesting. I also need to wash their beds, clean their kennel, and wash their OUTSIDE beds, but I don’t think that will happen tonight seeing as how I am due at Carol’s house at 6:30pm for a Close to My Heart Demonstration. I am excited about that, but I also think I need to go pickup Anya (bedrest) and take her, so I hope it doesn’t take too long at the vet. We recently moved over to the Animal Care Clinic.

Although the Prices are much higher than at Bureau Valley Veterinary, I feel that the care and concern for the dogs, and the actual treatment is much better. I also found that the receptionist at Bureau Valley wasn’t very polite, she almost never smiled. This for some reason really bugged me. At the Animal Care Clinic, I am always greeted with a smile, and conversation. It’s feels like a more positive environment. I was also very pleased when Boyd was not feeling well, from the calcification he has in his spine, he was lame in the back end, and the Vet Tech picked Boyd up and put him on the table. She also soothed and petted him during all his checkup. At Bureau Valley, I get my work clothes covered in dog hair from picking up, holding, and soothing my own dog, and the vet techs are usually nowhere to be found. I was very surprised when the Animal Care Tech (Ms. Mansnerus) said “Let me do that for you, it’s my job.” It’s worth the extra price I pay. Dr. Mark Maxwell is also very helpful and explains his thoughts, the course of treatment, the possibilities, and the cost involved.

Oh did I mention we did get married? Ha ha. The blog sort of halted on June 29th, and then on August 5th we left for Vancouver. We got married on August 9th by Karen Ell on the rocky beach just below “lookout point” in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. We were just around the corner from Third Beach. Our Photographers were Chris and Lynn Jaksa and they were wonderful people, lots of fun, and took fabulous photos. It was worth every dime and now we have all the photos on CD so we can make prints as we desire. I can also post them on the site for you all to see! Yeah! We also took some of our own photos in the Parks’ Rose Garden.

We spent 10 days in Vancouver. We visited:

We have SOOO many pictures, it is mind boggling. Soon to be shared here. Too bad I couldn’t BLOG during that time, but things were hectic!

Our reception was on August 19th at Shallowbrook Farm in Bradford, and we had a wonderful time, although it was ungodly hot and humid. And then, back to work!

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