Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pet Peeves of the Day

1. People who cannot bag groceries.
My theory: I know that maybe bagging groceries does not fulfill your lifetime of desires. But I, as a busy woman, am trying to get groceries on my lunch, before a meeting, on my way to work, anything to fit the task in. I generally go home and unload and put them all away by myself. I don't enjoy getting groceries any more than you enjoy bagging them. Yet I still find the time and courtesy to strategically line them up on the belt so that they are situated JUST SO. Hoping that this flow will continue right into the grocery bags. Cold Items together, Freezer items together, cans together, jars together, boxed items together, bread, chips, and eggs at the end. Heavy items like laundry detergent, bottled water, and milk at the beginning. Yet you go and do something like package my fragile fresh kiwi with cans of vegetables and jars of olives. (today) And the occasionally bizarre combination like Raw chicken in the same bag as raw hamburger and raw fish, and then the even more bizarre combination of ice cream with deoderant, or rice a roni with toilet paper, or stranger still... tampons with dog treats. Whatever. I have learned that you never EVER put a bag of non-perishable items aside to be dealt with later. Like if I bought craft ribbons at wal-mart and put the bag into my craft room, and then went back 2 days later to melted cheese and ribbons. It's just one of those things. And if you EVER get home and think "didn't I buy milk?" go check your car immediately, not two days later when the backseat smells funny. I always tie bags shut before leaving the store, because more often than not I have lost a can of green beans in the parking lot, or after my nascar trip home, had to climb into the trunk and crawl into the back to retreive things that rolled all over in there (I have a big trunk in my car, you can't reach it from outside.)

2. Falling Sequins.
This is the year of beads and sequins. On flip flops, purses, dresses, skirts, shirts.... the indian/bohemian look is in. I Have LOTS of beaded and sequined things to wear... all of the above, and also an adorable layered nightgown. If I forget and actually SLEEP in it, I wake up in a bed full of loose beads. What do you expect I guess. But as I sit here looking at my purse across the room, I see sequins sagging. It bothers me. I guess for the cheap prices I pay for my clothes, I might as well just realize that they aren't going to last forever. But still- falling sequins and beads make me incredibly sad.

3. Dry Clean Only Items
Not that I wish evil on dry cleaners, it's just frustrating to try something on that is so cute and then you look at the tag (if you are smart) and read "dry clean only." then you realize (if you have my mentality) that it is cheaper to purchase a whole new outfit instead of clean the one professionally. Plus, who has time to run to the dry cleaner all the time? I am pretty proud of myself for making it to the dry cleaner on Tuesday morning at 7:30 am when I usually don't even get UP until 8am. I once bought a pair of black pants for work, and the next day I took them back because I hadn't known they were dry clean only. And I mean, I have dryel for those fabulous items that I clean myself, but I don't even have time to finish my regular laundry, let alone get to laundry with special needs and desires. Ugh. Plus, it costs more to dry clean a leather or suede coat than it does to purchase a new one. Seriously. Especially with the low cost of leather jackets in discount stores. And a down comforter or featherbed? Just buy a new one. Did you know they have to remove all the feathers and clean them and then replace them all? It is WAYYYYY Expensive.
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