Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo More Blabber for You...

Bored. You know that feeling where you have 100 thousand things you could be doing but you are stuck in a situation or place that stops you from doing them? That is like the feeling I have every single day of my life. Have you ever seen that Adult ADHD commercial? The one with the woman who is sitting at work, in the boardroom, and they show what is going on in her head? It flashes through like the laundry, the dishes, the kids, the dog, what she has going on tonight, this weekend, next month. The grocery list, etc etc. Her boss calls her name and asks her a question and she was spacing. Then this "special smart announcer man" says something like "Is this what your day is like" and I think to myself... what the hell? Isn't this what every working woman's life is like? Don't we all have 50 thousand things on our minds at once, and we can't get any of them done because we are stuck in some MEETING? Hello? I thought that was how every woman is- that doesn't mean I have ADHD?!?! It means I am one of those women who has to remember everything for everyone else, has something going on every night, does laundry, dishes, cleans, organizes. It's not easy being Cheesy!

I am lying in bed watching some cheap home improvement show where the woman with an english accent is making them paint all their woodwork. It sickens me. Sure it looks nice, but so does the woodwork, and I can't believe that they are painting it all. Ugh. I have a passion for conserving woodwork.

Tonight we took the dogs to the vet. They got Kennel Cough Nasal "boosters" that work like a vaccination without the needle. Preventative. Then we got them Heartworm pills and advantage flea/tick treatment, and Annual Exams with DPC vaccines. And we put Boyd on Hydroxyzine and Theo-Dur, one as an anti-histimine for allergies, and another for relaxing his throat area, which appears to be irritated (perhaps from drainage) and this might help with his "reverse cough attacks" that seem to have increased with his allergies. Hopefully. Otherwise they have recommended a "nose scope" to check for infection or foreign objects in the nasal passages. Oy.

Then I flew to Sheffield for a cardmaking get together, which was fun. Then to Mineral to put Photos in my wedding album which Liz is posessing at this moment, then home to let the dogs in. They are all sleepy. I gave them each a heartworm tablet (note to self, 13th of every month now) and gave Boyd the first of his new medicines. And of course I made a chart where we can mark off when we give it to him, so that Evan and I don't OD him accidentally between the two of us with miscommunication. Now I am so pooped, and it's after 11pm, and I was up at 6:30 today (thanks husband) and then at the Dry cleaners at 7:30 to drop off curtains, and at work and clocked in by 7:40. Ahhhh.... Tired. So enough blogging and off to bed.


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