Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ready for Rita?

Here's Red Rita!

I find it interesting how officials are saying "Get out of Rita's path, this is your warning and you have plenty of time." It is also so interesting to watch how the hurricane picks up speed and power and has been upgraded from twopical storm to hurricane and from a category 3 to a category 4. I hope everyone heeds warnings this time. Also, all the rain out to the west is heading our way and we will have rain starting tonight with predicted thunderstorms, and continuing through at least Monday, according to our local forecast. We will see breaks on Saturday and Sunday it seems, with rain every other day and most nights. I wonder what will happen when Rita hits landfall and weather associated with the hurricane clashes with the clouds coming from out west? It will be interesting I am sure. I forgot my cell phone AGAIN today, how stupid can you be? That's what happens when you get up 1 hour early and leave over an hour early for work- your brain doesn't function! Ugh! So I need to run to Wal-mart to get some bottled water, milk, bread, and some of those cool orange swirled halloween chocolate chips. I also need some fiber choice chewables, I Hear that they are great for IBS. I sure hope so! That's all for now!
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