Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sandman Comes... Sit's Upon Your Nose...

Sprinkles sand in your eyes. I don't see that sand in your eyes is soothing. But I am awfully sleepy. It's Jay Leno on TV but I have it turned down so all I can hear is muffled laughter of the crowd. I got the checkbooks balanced and all the bills written out for Friday, I always dread doing that. There are just weeks when there isn't QUITE enough cash to pay everything that is due. Ick. I have all the candles in the house lit, and it is nice to have opened the place up today since it has cooled off considerably. There is a nice cool breeze outside. Only bad thing- all the neighbors opened up their windows too, and the dogs can hear everything going on and feel like they need to bark at every little noise. And after 10pm they get all onry and want to go outside and bark at things, and they can't because it's late and everyone is sleeping, and if you leave them in then they bark because they want to be outside, but the windows are open so the neighbors can still hear them, and then they can hear me yelling at them to shut up. It's neverending. That's why we leave the windows closed most of the time. Our living room is on the same side as their bedrooms, and we stay up late. So if the TV is one I feel like we are disturbing them or whatever. Oh well. What can you do? We lived here first anyway.

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