Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Just Because...

Okay, the numbering is all messed up on this, like there are numbers missing and it gets to 69 and then starts over at 1 again. I don't know. I just am filling it out and don't feel like taking the time to renumber the bleeping thing.

1. Spell your first name backwards: nagaem

2. Story behind your name: Not really one. My dad wanted to name me Roxy. Mom won. Otherwise I would be Roxy Rodgers.

3. How old are you: 26. 27 in 2 months.

4. Where do you live: Wyanet, Illinois USA

5. Wallet - Black. Roots Canada Leather. Many Many pockets, holds two checkbooks.

6. Hairbrush - old and black and silver. coated in hairspray. I really need a new one.

7. Toothbrush - green and white- Oral B.

8. Jewelry worn daily - Wedding ring. Usually some earrings. Occasionally a necklace and if I am not at work and it is summer, a toe ring.

9. Pillow cover - lavendar.

10. Sunglasses - brown tortoise or green with rhinestones (Big frames like celebs)

11. Favorite shirt - sweatshirt. Roots Canada Hoodie.

12. Cologne/Perfume - I usually have three or four. Victoria's Secret Pink. Burberry for Women. Abercrombie Women. and Pink Martini by Good Scents Ltd.

13. CD in stereo right now -Gwen Stefani- Love Angel Music Baby (LAMB)

14. Piercings - 2 in each ear, hole where my nose was pierced when I was 17 (could that BE 10 years ago already?)

15. What you are wearing now - navy and white capris, white tennis shoes, mandatory socks, and navy blue shirt (work attire)

16. Wishing - for new furniture for the house and no debt!

17. Wanting - our house to get done soon and my dogs to live forever

18. What will you be doing for the remainder of the day - work

20. Person you wish you could see right now - Mom.

21. Some of your favorite movies - Dazed and Confused. Footloose.

22. Something you're looking forward to in the coming month? - Strut Your Mutt

23. The last thing you ate - Double Chocloate Dream Cookies last night at midnight as a snack.

24. Something that you are deathly afraid of - Well, it was flying, but now that I have flown twice, I would have to say I am afraid of my husband dying and afraid of deep water cuz I can't swim.

25. Do you like candles - Yes, especially Banana nut, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Buttercream, Pumpkin, and Mulled Cider.

26. Do you like incense - not really anymore.

27. Do you like the taste of blood - uh- No.

28. Do you believe in love - yes

29. Do you believe in soul mates - yes

30. Do you believe in love at first sight - maybe

31. Do you believe in Heaven - Yes - because all dogs go there. I also believe in the rainbow bridge.

32. Do you believe in God - Yes but not the god that others want us to believe in.

33. What do you want done with your body when you die - donate my organs. But I would really have a hard time with someone walking around seeing out of my eyes, and I am struggling with that... so I may be selfish and keep them.

34. If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? - dog

35. What is the longest you've ever stayed up? - probably 24-30 hours. I need my beauty sleep.

36. Can you eat with chopsticks - not if I want to get full!

37. What's your favorite coin - I love that Canada has a $1 and $2 coin. I also love the new US Quarters with one for each state. Such a great idea.

38. What are some of your favorite candies - Peanut M&M's and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups or Reese Sticks.

39. What's something that you wish people would understand about you? - That I hate people who lie

40. What's something you wish you could understand better? - Physics and why men do not feel the need to help their wives with anything relating to home improvement, cleaning, and washing dishes and laundry. They are much more content to sit on their asses in front of the TV.

41. Who is someone that you really wish was still around? - Carrie. But I don't hold a grudge. I understand and it's okay. I just really miss her. I am very glad that she is happy where she is and I just need to make an effort to get to her as often as possible.


42. Who is/are your best friend/s? - Carrie and Angie

43. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? - No but I have a husband.

44. Longest relationship? -9 years

45. How many actual relationships have you been in? - 2

46. How many people have you kissed? - 5 or 6

47. Are you shy around your crush? - I am never shy.

48. Still have feelings for anyone you've been in a past relationship? -Feelings of Hatred? Disgust? Resentment? Dislike? Certainly. But I would never change the fun times or the experiences I have had because they are part of what makes me who I am.

49. Do you know what it feels like to be in love? - yes.

50. Would you sacrifice your favorite possession for your best friends? - I don't have just one favorite.


51. Where is your favorite place to shop? - Online, mostly eBay

53. What is your favorite thing to wear? -pajamas

54. What is a must have accessory? -- iPod

55. How much is the most you've ever spent on a single item of clothing? - probably my prom dress for Evan's Junior Prom, which mom bought for like $200, or my Victoria's Secret grey wool peacoat that I have outgrown and is still in my closet like brand new- $200.00

56. Who is the least fashionable person you know? - Well, in Macomb last weekend I ran into a woman I didn't know. She was so so cute, lovely face and long straight hair. And she was wearing those horrific plastic garden clogs with straps on the back, that have holes in them. And they were PINK. Then she had on RED athletic pants and an ORANGE T-shirt. I felt terrible for her. But she was oblivious. It would have to be her.

57. Do you match your belt with your hair color? - Don't you mean "do your curtains match your drapes?"

58. How many pairs of shoes do you own? - around 50. And I just threw away 5 pair.

59. What is the worst trend you see today? - those stupid ballet flats. Why would you want your feet to look like pontoon boats?

60. Do you do drugs? - No

62. What kind of shampoo do you use? - Redken Color Care, Thanks to Kelly at Guys and Gals. Otherwise it would be Dove.

64. Who was the last person that you called? - Ummm... Evan last night. Although Cari B. called me today.

65. Where do you want to get married? - Beach and I already did it!

67. What would you change about yourself? - weight. I am gearing up for it. I need to eat better and excercise. Ugh.

68. What are essentials in your life? -In No Particular Order: Internet. Letter Opener. COLD Bottled water and NOT Aquafina cuz it tastes like worms. Probably Dasani water. My dogs. Evan. Food for my dogs. Food for Evan and Me. My mom, dad, and sister Liz. Food for my mom dad and sister. My car. My green Fish Pencil Cup. Hairspray. Toothpaste and Toothbrush.

69. Do you send out holiday cards each year? - Yes, but each year the approved list of recipients dwindles down because more and more people do not reciprocate.


1. Given someone a bath? my dogs and lots of kids I babysat

2. Bungee jumped? no way in hell.

4. Skinny dipped? yes

6. Cried when someone died? yes

7. Fallen for your best friend? No

8. Been rejected? I usually get what I want.

9. Rejected someone? Yes... and felt terrible about it. Still to this day.

10. Used someone? I am pretty self sufficient. I don't do that intentionally.

11. Been used? Yes.
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