Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tweezers that won't tweeze - and Harvest Time

Wednesday. Halfway there! This weekend will be kind of eventful. Evan and I will take the dogs to the Strut your Mutt Dog Walk on Saturday, and then on Sunday I will work.

I am convinced at this point that I have IBS. If I am super careful what I eat, it's not bad... but two nights ago I broke down and ate curly fries, oh my god. I have been paying for it for two days. It's like cramping constantly. It just makes you feel terrible. I have discovered I can eat a cheeseburger without much problem, but if you deep fry it anything or season it heavily, it's a different story.

Last night I was at Brad and Anya's for a while. a co-worker and I took some maternity clothes over for Anya to try on, and she found some cute ones and I think she was really pleased. She's on bedrest for another 4 weeks. I know she is bored. Poor girl.

Nothing definite planned for the rest of the week. It is payroll week for me, which is nice, but Also the end of the month, so there are LOTS of bills due, 3 loan payments, power bill, cell phone bill.... etc. And the cingular bill was SOOOOO high last month- $211.00 because of our new phone "upgrade" charges, and then roaming from Canada (ouch) and of course we bought some ringtones for our new phones. Ugh. Oh well. I was really hoping for groceries this week but that may need to wait a week or so. Everything in the fridge is dead. It needs cleaned out. I hate that job. Thank god for a garbage disposal and dishwasher.

My pet peeve of the day: Tweezers that won't tweeze. I have 3 pair that I bought from Avon and I love them. But one pair just won't tweeze! It's like the ends don't squeeze together tight enough. I needed to tweeze eyebrows this morning and I have been putting it off a bit, but all I have been able to find is the pair that won't tweeze, so I am like trying to inspect the ends but they LOOK normal. What a strange defect. SO finally I found a pair of older ones that did the job, but it looked like someone had dipped them in a candle, cuz I think there was wax on them? Strange. I should run all my tweezers through the dishwasher- once I find them!

Besides that I guess that everything is normal. Evan is getting started for harvest, yesterday he moved augers and today he shovels corn out of bins to get them cleaned out and ready for harvest. I love it when harvest comes. It is my favorite time of year for one. It all stems back to my ag background, and the grain elevator, but even back since I was a kid, it was very exciting.

Once a year Pete DeMarlie, grandma's cousin, would come out to the farm with his gleaner. I remember going to grandmas to help her make lunches and deliver them to the field. I remember they always got a banana. And I would get to climb the backs of the old Osage wagons and taste the soybeans from inside.

After being neck deep in harvest for years, especially at the grain elevator, it's a thing I really miss. I remember the overtime, the great paychecks they brought with them, and the farmers just before dawn and just after dark, pulling in with their loads and looking for a hot cup of coffee. Everyone loved the rush. I miss that.

It makes me feel good to see Evan involved in it, to see them in the field, to sit with grandpa bob in the truck while he "supervises" the auger and sneaks a piece of cake that he isn't supposed to have. I am glad that someday my kids will get to be part of harvest, even if it only means taking a ride in the tractor with their dad or grandpa, and maybe watching them unload the grain carts into the bin, or loading on the run from the combine.

It's like football weather, and halloween, and the crinkle of leaves when you walk through them. Hot chocolate ar a fresh apple... sweatshirts and jeans and tennis shoes. That fall breeze and even the way that leaves stick to the ground after it rains. Fat orange pumpkins and corn stalks with scarecrows. It is by far the best part of the year.
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