Thursday, September 15, 2005

Be prepared... Umbrellaminder

I Have two umbrellas. About 4 or 5 years ago I bought an Eeyore Umbrella at the Disney Store. A Classic Umbrella, blue, printed with many small gloomy looking eeyores and rainy clouds above his head. I love it. I have loved that Umbrella to death. It has some bent wires and such, so it is in okay shape, but I decided to purchase another. I really wanted one of those MINI umbrellas that are like 2" x 6" so that I could put one in my purse. Well I ended up buying a pink and white breast cancer one, and I love it because it has a breathable mesh bag to cover it, and the bag has a wrist strap AND shoulder straps so I can just sling it over my shoulder with my purse- convenient and hands free. It also has the "auto open" feature that is so cool, it makes you feel like a super hero. So today, I plan it all out. I watch the weather at home. 30% chance of showers and a slight chance of a scattered thundershower. I dress accordingly, I apply my umbrella to my shoulder. I take it to work. I hang it on the doorknob of my office. At lunch, I leave without it, and it rains all over me the whole lunch hour and I Have to walk to 15.7 miles to my car in the parking lot, and back, in the rain. Fabulous. Way to "be prepared"
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