Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Media Loves Traditional...

This morning I woke up with ideas to blog today. Now- they have disapparated (HP Word) and I can't get them back! What a shame!

Everyone has been seeing our wedding announcements in the papers and so for about a week that has been the start of about 70% of conversations I have had. Plus I have lots of copies. It's interesting, the Prairie Review is the only one who printed our photo uncropped and who printed our article unrearranged and uncut. The Bureau County Republican took what was once a really cool mini-cooper photo of us, and cropped most of the photo out to concentrate on our pumpkin heads, because that is "tradition" and of course they had to rearrange my article, to put the "bride" first, and instead of calling me by name as I had in my article, they replaced almost every instance of "Meagan" with "the bride" and every instance of Evan with "the groom." aw how traditional. I hate it. I almost don't want to link to their site because of it. And then they had to twist it around to make it sound like we got married and then honeymooned for 10 days, when really we were in Vancouver for 5 days, then got married, then honeymooned for 5 more days. But they needed it to sound traditional, so they put in that we got married and then spent 10 days afterwards honeymooning. Whatever. Very frustrating. But most people won't even know. Of course not. They probably wanted to crop me out because I wasn't wearing a "wedding dress" in their most traditional sense of the word. Fabulously, the Prarie Review printed a nice big photo that didn't crop out the beautiful surroundings. And people are constantly commenting on how much they enjoyed a "different picture." Good for the Prairie Review. Three Cheers! No hesitation in linking to the Prairie Review's website, as theirs just blows the BCR out of the water.

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