Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dr Jekyll and Mr Husband enter their final fantasy

Why is it that husbands can be so nice one moment and so mean the next. Husbands new gig is camping out it the living room playing Final Fantasy Online. His friends play also, but 2 of them work second shift. So Husband doesn't get to play "with them" until 11pm.

So, our house is crazy right now to begin with, we are like "mid-remodel" and our bedroom is in the living room, approximately 8 feet from the TV and 5 feet from the clicking final fantasy keyboarding.

We recently got cable, so I have some shows that I like to watch at night, after we have had supper and cleaned up our mess. Last night was dog kennel night, so I went straight from work to the kennels, and didn't get home until about 7:30. We ate at like 8:15 (typical eating time at our house is anywhere between 6pm and 10pm) and then Evan was already settled into Final Fantasy. Well- that pretty much ensures that I can't watch any TV, because the only one in the house with an antenna and/or cable is the one he is in front of.

So I think I might read, but I am kinda tired so I take a bath at go to bed at about 10:30. Well, Previously we had discussed that the game playing would end at midnight each night, so that we could both get up and so that we could both sleep - I figure it is only courtesy because he is about 5 feet from my head. Thankfully he does turn the sound down and the lights off, so the glow from the TV and the dogs still awake is all I deal with. Well at 1:18 he is still playing strong and I had been woke up about 500 times and I was so ticked!

He expresses that this will be what he does every single night of the week. In some ways, I support this, because I would rather have him be at home than somewhere else. But at the same time, I an not sure that playing a video game all night every night is entirely healthy for a relationship. Not to mention that I can't watch any TV, and that there are house chores to get done too. So we will see. I am hoping that this game will eventually get old.

One of his friends calls from his cell phone at work during breaks so that he can ask "who is online" and what is going on. Keep in mind these are 25 and 16 year olds, not 15-17 year olds.

I enjoy games, but as an addition to my life- not as my life. I love Simpsons Hit and Run and Sims and Mario. But I can rarely play games for more than an hour, and the only ones I can recall playing for longer were the pokemon games for Gameboy Color and the Sims for PC.
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