Thursday, September 15, 2005

Remodeling Update

How can one NOT be desperately in love with Pottery Barn Kids? It hurts me!
Since we remodeled the spare bedroom, we went ahead and painted it like a nursery, and I chose a crisp, pale apple green for the bottom 3/4 of the room, and a pretty yellow for the top 1/4, and then blue ceilings. We painted white clouds on the ceiling and put up a white ceiling fan with lights, but kept the original woorwork around the windows and the doors, and the baseboards. Then we added a yellow chair rail about 3/4 of the way up. It's great. I love that room. Right now it is my "closet" as they work on gutting our bedroom. I found an old Pottery Barn Kids pattern, "blue dog" that I just LOVE and I have been gathering items from eBay. Of course, they aren't cheap, but I am getting them gently used for a FRACTION of the original price, which is my game. Right now I have:

  • 2 crib bumpers
  • crib/toddler bed quilt
  • puppy dog mobile
  • crib ruffle
  • bassinett sheets (6)
  • crib sheets (2)
  • receiving blankets, clothes, shoes, socks, bibs
  • Stuffed puppies Like Gund's Spunky puppy, and several Boyd's Bears Dogs with long soft fur and big floppy ears.
  • Rollover Rover Duvet Cover for the twin bed that we will leave in the room
  • White Wall Shelf that holds white baskets with blue and white liners
  • White baskets with blue liners for the rest of the room
  • White photo frame/stork photo frame
  • Apple green roman shades (too cool!)
  • White wall letters that spell "HUSH"
  • and a white lamp base with yellow shade

So the room will be so neat when I finish it! And the office and scrapbook room have been combined into one room. The room is painted an eggshell white and all the woodwork was left original. We installed recessed lighting in the ceilings over the computer desk and scrapbook table areas. I have moved just about everything back into there and have gotten the red roman shades installed and have the words "avant'garde" in red to install above the windows. The room is red, pink, orange, and yellow and is decorated with coordinating shasta daisies. The scrapbook furniture is white and the computer desk matches the newly finished wood floors, so it ites together fairly well. The desk accessories and scrapbook storage accessories are satin silver mesh.

We are moved into those rooms, although not everything has a permanent home just yet. Our bedroom has just begun, the trim is down and the furniture is moved out- our bedroom is in the living room (interesting) except my closet and dressig table are in the future "baby room" for now. So things are still awfully up in the air, but we have been doing this for 2 months, so I think that at this point "normal" would feel strange. Who would have thought that you would remodel your house and plan a wedding/vacation/reception at the same time?

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