Monday, September 19, 2005

Storms by the Devil and Super Undies

I really don't like Mondays. Who does? Icky. It stormed big last night, leading me to have a reoccuring dream that up until last night I never realized that I had ever had before, but now that I woke up immediately after having it, it was so fresh in my mind I remember having had it many times before. The strange thing with me, is I tend to dream about what is actually going on while I am sleeping. Sounds and things that happen around me while I sleep are almost always translated into dreams. When the storm was coming through, I was sleeping and didn't even realize it was coming, but in my dream there was a storm coming. Evan came in and it woke me up, and I told him I was having a bad dream and he said something about a "storm coming" and I couldn't figure out how he knew about the storm in my dream, but a storm really was coming. So we closed some windows.

In the dream, I am at my parents house (I think that is because that is where I lived when I started having this dream) and There are a bunch of people there, out in the backyard and kinda towards grandpa's house, where the clothesline was. There is a storm coming in, so everyone picks up their stuff and goes inside. Everyone is in the living room, and they are talking and laughing (it's late, dark) and The phone rings. No one else hears it ring. So I go answer it, depending on the dream, I either go down a level to the family room in the closet, or up a level to my parent's room, and when I pick up the phone, there is a bad man on the other end. I don't mean like a pervert, heavy breather man. I don't even mean a real man. I mean like the devil. Evan laughs at me when I say that. But He controls the storm, and his voice is really creepy and dead sounding. And then I can't talk to him, and no one knows that he is calling, and no one knows he is making a bad storm come.... except me.

Strange? Definitely.

In other news, household is doing fairly well. Laundry is proceeding nicely, I completed several loads last night and one more this morning. I will probably need to go home at lunch to switch more loads around, and to get clothes for the kennel tonight. Kitchen is clean, keeping up with the dishes in the dishwasher and had husband help me load it last night. It is so nice to have help, I can not even believe it. It's like living a whole different life, where I can scrapbook and read a book and relax. Like taking the dogs for a ride and on a picnic. Free time! When he helps, I have some! It's a revelation! When I think about it, I can be wonder woman, sure. But Wonder woman is certain to be a much better crime fighter with the Justice League there to back her up, right? So Wonder woman could fight crime by herself, but she would be such a happier lady if she didn't have to fight evil alone. Plus I am sure she would be much nicer to Superman if he were around once in a while. If he was off screwing off, and she did all the crime fighting, and then he shows up at the end and is like "Hey, where's my socks" Most likely wonder woman would be pissed. Like she doesn't have better things to do than wash his socks and underwear and keep track of where they are, right?

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