Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Macomb Balloon Rally 2005

We spent this past weekend (Sept 9th-11th) in Macomb visiting Evan's brother Kyle (my Brother-In-Law) and we had a great time. When we arrived on Friday evening, the balloons were just leaving campus, launching into the air. It was the 2005 Macomb Balloon Rally, just starting. Please view our balloon rally photos and a video clip of the night glow HERE. I was pretty excited. I had seen the balloons taking off from the field there once before.

Evan and I, and Kyle and Rebecca went out to eat at Vitale's Friday night, and the next day we shopped the square. I found some new neat stores that I had never been in. Then they took to to Colchester to the Scrapbook Nook, which is BY FAR the best scrapbook store I have ever been in. I met Peggy and it was such a GREAT Place! I will definately go back!

That afternoon Evan's parents arrived and we went to the field to watch the balloons come in. They all launch at the same time, but from different locations. The goal is for them to drop their "marker" onto the giant X they have mowed into the grass at the field, and then to land on the field with the other balloons. So they have to strategically pick their launch site, using the weather as a factor, in order to "land" at the appropriate spot. This showcases their ballooning skills. They were fabulous, there were something like 35 total balloons. Then after they all land and tether, we got to walk amongst them. Once it got dark, they had a "balloon glow" for about an hour, where all the balloons use their propane to simultaneously light up the balloons. I took loads of pictures (hopefully to be online soon) and some really cool videos. The videos really captured the essence of the balloon glow. Very cool and totally worth the time.

That night we met Evan's cousin Amy, and her husband Mike and Son Zachary- and we ate at Rocky's. The next day (Sunday) I went shopping with Susan and then boys went golfing, and then we all met and Amy and Mike's for a cookout. It was great. Amy is so much like me, and her house is so neat! She has great taste! I got a belated wedding gift from her, an ivory Longaberger sauce pitcher, which I am totally excited about. Then Sunday night I drove home while Evan stayed in Macomb with his parents to golf in an outing on Monday. Kyle was supposed to take photos of that for me, so hopefully soon.

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