Monday, September 26, 2005

Two Stinky Dogs and a Cough

Today, I am sick. I have been sick for 1 week and non-functionable for exactly 1.75 days. Ick. I am thinking it is strep but I am not going to take antibiotics and go to the Doctor, partly because of my $1000 deductible and partly because I don't want to waste half a day driving there and back when I feel crappy. While I doubt you want to hear the details of my lost voice and raw throat, I will note that I slept for 3 hours on Saturday afternoon and for 5 hours on Sunday afternoon... and I presently feel a mixture of fever, coughing up a lung, and like my head is a giant cement block with nostrils the size of pin holes through which I attempt to breathe.

I am home today, from sheer exhaustion and my need to be medicated and soothed by cough drops, water, breathe right strips, and sleep. Today I will relax, between loads of laundry and organizing my desk. I can't just lie in bed all day for one more day, in case I get bedsores, and When I put on my wedding ring today I noted that the sickness may have robbed me of some weight and or water. Ugh. Must move forward.

I am in the office as my bedroom is currently located in the living room and they are putting up drywall 5 feet from my bed, in what was formerly known as our bedroom and we hope will be known as such again someday soon. The dogs are here on their beds, which need badly washed, and they are unaccustomed to being in this room with their beds, but they are gated in to leave the drywalling process alone.

The Strut Your Mutt dog walk got rained out on Saturday, but not until we had stood in the rain with our umbrellas for about 30 minutes. We have rescheduled for this weekend and it is supposed to be nice and sunny- but I think being out in that rain, and having the house open and all damp and humid, is what accelerated my disase and finally pushed me over the edge to "sick and incapable" versus "sick and functioning."

Well, I am already exhausted and it is only 9:215, which puts me awake for about 1.25 hours and bathed, dressed, and coughing ferociously. My voice is half present at this time.
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