Sunday, September 18, 2005

Family Guy...

It's Sunday evening and I am watching family guy on Fox, and waiting for laundry. Boyd and Hadley and I went on a "Sunday Drive" Today and took some pictures that turned out pretty good. We stopped off at City County Park and had a picnic- Sausage Pizza Bread on our red striped picnic blanket. Then this afternoon I went to the Friends of Strays Open house and helped introduce people to dogs.

When I got home, Boyd and I took a nap and then Evan came home and made supper. He had done several loads of laundry, cleaned the dog's kennel (really well) and their houses, and taken their "outside beds" to the laundry mat in Buda. Fabulous. What a fabulous husband. 4 stars. We had cheese ravioli and texas toast garlic bread with cheese (Evan the chef) and then we watched Simpsons, and Family Guy, and all that.

This episode Stewie is on the floor playing with Simon Says. Stewie said "Simon Do Your Worst." It's the episode where Peter goes out to sea and they think he dies so Lois marries Brian. Then Peter comes back. This show Is hilarious. So when Brian tells Lois that he thinks they should break up and she can go back with Peter, Stewie is hiding on the stairs. When Brian tells Lois, Stewie Says from the stairs- "Ha ha Bitch, you got jacked bitch." Hilarious.

I can't believe that this weekend is almost over and tomorrow is Monday. Ick. I dont WANT to go back to work!


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